Ahensive Tape Climatic chamber

Ahensive Tape Climatic chamber
Ahensive Tape Climatic chamber
  • Ahensive Tape Climatic chamber
  • Ahensive Tape Climatic chamber
  • Ahensive Tape Climatic chamber
  • Ahensive Tape Climatic chamber
  • Ahensive Tape Climatic chamber
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  • Country: China
  • BrandName: HD
  • Package: Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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Product Information

Ahensive Tape Climatic chamber

Product Description:

Climatic chamber is mainly to test the adhesive resistance property and the holding adhesive property of the pressure sensitive tape. The static loading test: paste the tape to the testing board, timing for a period, and evaluate the halding adhsion property according to the distance the tape slips or the time it takes. This machine can simulate high temperature and high humidity/high temperature and low humidity/low temperature and high humidity/low temperature and low humidity conditions. High standard procedure and control system are attached for good testing environment. 


  1. To simulate test environment with different temperature and humidity
  2. Cyclic test includes climatic conditions: holding test, cooling-off test, heating-up test, moistening test and drying test
  3. Cable port with flexible silicone plug for cable routing to provide the condition of test unit under operation
  4. Uncover test unit weakness in a short-term test with accelerated time effect

Main Technical Parameters:



Internal dimension(W*D*H)


External dimension(W*D*H)


Temperature range


Temperature Accuracy


Humidity range

20~98%R.H. (Refer Image below)

Humidity accuracy


Cooling speed

1/min in average (without loading)

Heating speed

3/min in average (without loading)

Internal chamber material

SUS#304 stainless steel, mirror finished

External chamber material

Stainless steel with paint spray

Cooling method

Air cooling


LCD touch screen, programmable control temperature and humidity

Can set different parameter for cyclic test

Insulation material

50mm high density rigid Polyurethane foam


Explosion-proof type SUS#304 stainless steel fins radiator pipe heater


France Tecumseh compressor


Heat resistance

Temperature sensor

PT-100 dry and wet bulb sensor

Observation window

Tempered glass

Testing hole

Diameter 50mm, for cable routing

Sample tray

SUS#304 stainless steel, 2pcs



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