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Founded in 2004 , Haida International Equipment Ltd (Haida), Dongguan China. Haida is manufactures and sales testing machines used to test Paper and Packaging, Automobile, Stimulate Accelerate Environment System, Plastic, Rubber and Luggage.  In 2007, Haida Merge with Mechanical Electric HK Ltd. Founder from Mechanical Electric, more than 20 years’ experience in testing machine development and sales, join us as a technical director. Haida own independent R&D center since 2007 and expand testing machines in furniture& foam , toys stroller and bicycle. Haida become a market leader in the one stop solution material testing industry.


Our mission is Deliver the best testing equipment to our customers.

Haida vision is To be the world class testing equipment enterprise.

Equipment Installation
Equipment Engineer on-site installation equipment, calibration equipment...
Equipment Repair and Maintenance
commitment to 1 years of free equipment warranty, to provide daily maintenance of equipment, replacement parts...
Material Testing and Reporting
Provide Free Customer Material Performance Test and Test Report
Product Brochure
Free Download Product Manuals, Equipment Operating Instructions And Video


Haida Service Team
  • Lisa Zhong

    Vice Chairman, general Manager

    Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd, vice chairman and general manager of the company, is mainly responsible for the global business of Haida test equipment, market development, business relations.

  • Sawyer Mark

    Deputy General manager, Global business Manager

    Mainly responsible for the global business of the instrument, market research and market development, business relations. Make strategic planning and annual business objectives and implement them.

  • Eden Chen

    Technical Manager

    Responsible for equipment market research and development, company technology Support and improvement, responsible for the development of the global market.

    Major:Universal test machine, Paper test machine,Package test machine,Climate chamebr,Furniture test machine

    Once served countries/regions: The United States, Korea, Malaysia, Iran, Chile, India, Paraguay, South Africa ...

  • Jian Zhang

    Director Of a Factory

    Jian Zhang has many years of experience in manufacturing equipment, plant management capabilities,Mainly responsible for Haida plant management, testing equipment manufacturing, on time to complete production tasks and product quality.



Haida Service Processes
Pre-Sales Service
Pre-Sales Service
1. The company organizes monthly staff training: Product knowledge training, product software use training, standard knowledge explanation, customer reception drill, after-sale technical support. 2. Timely communication with customers to understand customer needs, 24-hour multiple channels online (e-mail,whats up,youtube,skype ...) ), gives the most excellent solution 3. Display equipment solutions, including instrument parameters, price, freight, delivery, etc. 4. The production base inspects, invites the customer to come over our company inspection, the factory inspects, the production workshop, the instrument quality inspects.
Research Processes
Research Processes
1. The product research and development team in the sea reaches the product development and improvement according to the customer's requirement. 2. The project team received the information from the Research and development department, and made the product design draft. 3. Programme optimization 4. Confirm the plan with customer
Production Assembly
Production Assembly
1.welding process 2.Paint baking process 3.Equipment assembly 4.Equipment debugging
Quality Control
Quality Control
1.software debugging 2.Sample testing 3.Component inspection 4.Data calibration
Delivery Inspection
Delivery Inspection
1.visual inspection 2.Internal inspection 3.Factory inspection 4.Equipment ready for dispatch
Packaging & Transportation
Packaging & Transportation
1.wood case package 2.Package to container 3.Container loading 4.Container loaded
Technical training
Technical training
1.Technician training 2.Measurement institutes training 3.BV vietnam onsite training 4.SCAU technical training
After-sales service support
After-sales service support
1.technical support team 2.Customer inspection acceptance 3.Intertek onsike training 4.Intertek onsite support
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