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Universal Testing Machine

Universal testing machine, also known as tensile testing machine.Universal testing machine is a mechanical forcing equipment used to test the mechanical properties of various materials such as static loading, tension, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, and peeling of equipment. Each tensile machine can be equipped with different fixtures to test different materials and different mechanical tests.

How It Works

The sample is clamped between the two clamps of the tensioner clamp. The two clamps move relative to each other. The force value sensors in the clamp and the built-in displacement sensor in the machine collect the changes in the force during the test. And displacement changes, to calculate the sample tensile, tear, deformation rate and other performance indicators.


Haida provides calibration services for customers who operate Haida equipment and inspection systems. We serve all our cooperating customers and we provide the following calibrations.

  1. 1.Universal testing machine strength calibration
  2. 2.Universal testing machine speed calibration
  3. 3.Universal testing machine displacement calibration
Universal testing machine fixture selection

Haida offers a full range of fixtures for materials and product testing. The fixtures we sell support our full range of universal testing machines. The fixtures can be used to do tensile testing,compression testing,peel testing,share testing,etc.There are hundreds of available grips, we can also customize fixtures. If you do not see the fixtures you need, please contact us.


The TM2101 software is designed purposely for computer controlled electronic universal testing machine,  used for tension, compress, bend, shear, tearing andpeel test. With the personal computer and interface plate, it could collect, save, process and print test result. Further it can calculate multiple parameters, i.e. maximum force, yield strength, average peel force maximum deformation, yielding point and elastic modulus; this system is featured in curve process, multi-sensor support, image interface, flexible data process and powerful system function.

What industries can tensile testing machine products apply to

Universal testing machine is mainly used for mechanical experiments of various materials, can be used for testing of metal and non-metallic materials, it is widely used in rubber and plastics; metallurgical iron and steel; machinery manufacturing; electronic appliances; automotive production; textile and chemical fiber; wire and cable; packaging materials & Food; Medical Devices; Civil Aviation; Research Laboratory; Building Materials Ceramics; Petrochemicals;

What kind of test standards can universal machine meet?

ASTM D3654: Shear Adhesion Test

ASTM D3759: Tensile &Elongation Test

FTM: 180&90 Degree Peel Test, Loop Tack

EN 1939, ASTM D3330: 180&90 Degree Peel Test

ASTM D882: Tensile Test

ASTM D1938: Trouser Tear Test

ASTM D3163: Plastic Lap-Shear Test

ASTM D882, ASTM D 638, ISO 527, ASTM D1708: Tensile Test

ASTM D412, ISO 37-2005, JIS K6251, DIN 53504-2009: Tensile Strength & Elongation Test

ASTM D624-00, ISO 34-1: Tearing strength Test

ASTM D3574 Test E, ASTM D1623, ISO 1798: Tensile Test

ASTM D3574 Test F, ISO 8067: Tear Test

ASTM E8, EN 10002-1,ASTM A370: Tensile Test

ASTM A370: Bend Test

Universal Testing Machine Series
Universal Testing Machine
Universal Testing Machine
can do tension,elongation,bend,shearing,tearing...
Tensile Testing Machines
Tensile Testing Machines
20KN, tensile, strength, 3 bending...
Material Strength Tester / Universal Test Machine
Material Strength Tester / Universal Test Machine
steel, wire ,cable,metal by tensile,elongation,bending...
Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
30T Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine...see more
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