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Dry Oven - Haida international Cooperated with Zhongshan Guanlin Plastic Co., Ltd.


Dry Oven - Haida international Cooperated with Zhongshan Guanlin Plastic Co., Ltd.

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      All Haida employees adhering to the "quality comes from precision, quality and create the future" business philosophy, and actively serve each customer carefully to make Haida instrument brand consumers can buy happy, and with the assured. The Haida Instruments and Plastic Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Lin crown on Dry Oven HD-507 signed a purchase agreement, the cooperation is very enjoyable.

      It is understood, Zhongshan Guan Lin Plastic Co., Ltd. Main business: new environmental engineering plastics with special boats, marine engines, designed and assembled according to the guests the whole ship. Plastic boat made, wind resistance, light weight, high strength, can be recycled, more than 28 times to improve the effectiveness fiberglass.

     Haida service system:

     Pre: to provide free advice, guidance, tailored for the enterprise solutions most appropriate instrument to fully understand customer needs.

Sale: communicate with customers, reporting progress; follow the installation and commissioning; test machine, with the measurement.

Sale: one year free warranty, the timely collection of customer feedback

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