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How to operation the sing wing drop testing equipment-HD-520AS


* Turn on the power switch and light lights(now forbid any unprofessional person entering yellow security line to do any related operation and forbid standing in the drop arm for it is very dangerous);
* Press replace button to replace the drop arm and then place the specimen on the test desk and clamp it by fixture;
* Press up button to go up to the needed test height and then press stop button; all people should stand beyond the security line;
* Press drop button and the specimen drops freely and the test finishes; record the test result after finish the drop test;
* Test other products according to above 2-4 items(note: when test, it need two person to do the test);
* Note: If there is an emergency, please do not treat it by youself, you can inform the manufacturer or sales person to avoid the accident.

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