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How many usual problems we may mee when we use the carton compression testing machine? And how to solutions them?


Why online failure pop when click the "start" button? And how we solve it?
Reply: Online failure means that the software is not connected to the machine successful, check that whether the wire is connected to the computer, whether the machine is power on. Click the "setup" à "online" when wire connection is ok, choose the connected COM interface to connect the machine, if do not know which one, you can try one by one till you find it. If fails again, please log out the software, close the machine power, and re-start the machine and the software.

A window of "the service life is up, please contact the manufacturer" periodically, how can we solve it?
Reply: It means the software is out of date, please contact the manufacturer to gain a new registration code. You can use it again after register again. Please refer to the 4. function details-registration.

When click the "up" and "down", the testing speed does not coincide with the setup speed, and how can we solve it?
Reply: Try to delete the "√" before "user parameter setup -> parameter control-> "speed close loop control", please do not start the "speed close loop control" if the stroke coder is not connected or the stroke is not calibrated.

When clicking the "test" button, the machine stops after running for a while. How can we solve it?
Reply: Set the value "user parameter setup" -> "parameter control" -> "initial gauge rate" to its maximum, never to gauge its breakage when it is lower than this value, so that it will never stop for mis-gauge its breakage at the beginning of the test.

Can the machine come back automatically, if I do not have connected the edition coder?
Reply: There will be no stroke value in the machine if no edition coder is connected, the back of the machine depends on its check of the stoke value.

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