Wire Measuring Elongation Test Machine

 Wire Measuring Elongation Test Machine
 Wire Measuring Elongation Test Machine
  •  Wire Measuring Elongation Test Machine
  • wire elongation tester
  • Wire Measuring Elongation Test Machine
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Product Information

 Wire Measuring Elongation Test Machine


 Wire Measuring Elongation Test Machine is suitable for copper, aluminum-clad wire various wire and copper wire, aluminum wire, aluminum-magnesium alloy wire, wire elongation testing a variety of metal materials. The machine adopts mechanical drive screw and the inner high efficiency constant speed motor cycle consisting of fixed speed drive activity fixtures generate about displacement, the clamping of the specimen under tension gradually elongated until pull off, automatically displays the specimen elongation percentage. This unit conforms to comply with UL, CSA, GB, ASTM, VDE, IEC and other test standards.

The usage

Wire Measuring Elongation Test Machine

metal wire elongation tester applies to the elongation test of mental materials such as aluminum, copper, ferrum ,etc. It adopted advanced software process design and sophisticated electronic sensitive technology to measure the elongation of specimen , and data can be automatically converted to percent with LED display , precise function ,simple operation .

 Main features
According to the conductive wire, coupled with advanced control technology to enable this device automatically calculates the percentage of high-precision, fully automatic features. Is a wire-like material of choice for elongation testing equipment.

The main technical parameters

 Wire Measuring Elongation Test Machine

Line diameter scope


Pulling speed


Initial length


Extended range


Show precision


Input power

AC220V 50/60HZ






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