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Caien Cup HD-C804

Caien Cup HD-C804

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Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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Caien Cup


Caien Cupis is a viscosity measurement device widely used in the paint industry. 
High quality and reasonable price 

HD-C804 Caien Cup


1. Product Description

High quality and reasonable price

Professional design

Great after-sales service, one year warranty



HD-C804 Caien Cup  is a viscosity measurement device widely used in the paint industry. It is commonly a stainless steel cup with a tiny hole drilled in the center of the bottom of the cup. There is also a long handle attached to the sides. There are five cup specifications, labeled Zahn cup #x, where x is the number from one through five. Use large number cup sizes when viscosity is high, use low number cup sizes when viscosity is low.

To determine the viscosity of a liquid, the cup is dipped and completely filled with the substance. After lifting the cup out of the substance the user measures the time until the liquid streaming out of it breaks up, this is the corresponding "efflux time".

On paint standard specifications, one denotes viscosity in this manner: efflux time, Zahn cup number.


On can convert efflux time to kinematic viscosity by using an equation for each cup specification number, where t is the efflux time and ν is the kinematic viscosity in centistokes.


Caien Cup #1: ν = 1.1(t - 29)

Caien #2: ν = 3.5(t - 14)

Caien Cup #3: ν = 11.7(t - 7.5)

Caien Cup #4: ν = 14.8(t - 5)

Caien Cup #5: ν = 23t



HD-C804 Caien Cup

Model Cup Volume Hole Diameter Viscosity Range Fluid Run Out Time

Zahn1# 44ml Φ1.93mm 5-60cSt 35-80sec

Zahn2# 44ml Φ2.69mm 20-250cSt 20-80sec

Zahn3# 44ml Φ3.86mm 100-800cSt 20-80sec

Zahn4# 44ml Φ4.39mm 200-1200cSt 20-80sec

Zahn5# 44ml Φ5.41mm 400-18000cSt 20-80sec


 4.The pictures


The machine--HD-C804 Caien Cup



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