Chair Drop Impact Test Machine

Chair Drop Impact Test Machine
Chair Drop Impact Test Machine
  • Chair Drop Impact Test Machine
  • Chair Drop Impact Test Machine
  • Chair Drop Impact Test Machine
  • Chair Drop Impact Test Machine
  • Chair Drop Impact Test Machine
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Product Information


Drop Impact Testing Machine is used for drop impact tests with weights from 9.1kg to 136kg, with the max. 

drop height of 1850mm, is widely used for chairs, stools, tables, beds and bunk beds.

Based on a PLC and controlled by a touch panel, the panel allows the parameterization of tests and depicts

the real time status of the test. The parameterization can be done individually and saved as a template, for

example parameters such as the amount of cycles, time intervalls, maximum and minimum values can be


It is movable in the up/down, left/right and front/back direction to easily set for different test samples, and

different positions. 

The span of the portal is 2500mm; the crosshead is manually height

adjustable. It can be setup in a way so that drop tests of 500mm height directly on the floor are possible. 


Consisting of

1 set of fixation elements for office chairstable and beds.

Drop weight with pad, basis weight 25 kg             

Additional weights, pads, or drop bags are offered on request

Moveable testing portal for carrying a drop tester 

The usage 

Chair Drop Impact Test Machine , Furniture Drop Impact Tester is a two station testing equipment.

According to test Standard: BIFMA X5.1-2002, Test No. 8,11

Applicability: This test applies to all types of chairs.

Purpose of Test: to evaluate the ability of a chair to withstand heavy impact forces on the seat.

This tester is designed for dynamic and cyclic durability seat test.





0-999,999, memory, output control

Impact sandbags diameter

16 inch 125 pounds standard sandbbags

Static pressure mould diameter

8 inch, 165 pounds briquetting

Impact speed

10-30 times/minute or specified

Static pressure speed

10-30 times/minute or specified

Cylinder stroke


Rail height


Machine size



AC220V, 3A

BIFMA requirements

impact 100000 times+ static pressure 20000 times(left)
+static pressure 20000times (right)

Bifma × 5.1 in Section 8, Section 11.3 x 5.9 and 7.2 in Section 7

Impact components: the impact of institutions perform freefall

Automatic cycle Freefall (Free Fall) impact function to achieve lasting impact test;

The impact of a single manual function, structural strength to achieve a single impact test; (weight: 57 +136 kg)

With 136KG heavy bags

Main features:

Test sofa or furniture in the overall strength of the collision of the transportation and installation

Impact test seat, armrest shock, resting legs impact

The impact of product testing seat, armrest shock, resting legs shock.

The main technical parameters:

1 digital height indicator Drop height: 3 inches to 16 inches (75mm ~ 406mm)

2 Test Views: 0 ~ 32000 times

3 Maximum specimen size:. (L × W × H) 1000 × 1000 × 1200mm

4 Drop Bag Weight: 75lb, 200lb

5 Dimensions:. (L × W × H) 1600 × 1300 × 2500mm

6 Power:. 3 ∮, AC380V, 50HZ, 1HP

7 Weight (approximately): about 380kg

8 Transmission: Electric Transmission


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