Crocking test machine

Crocking test machine
Crocking test machine
  • Crocking test machine
  • Crocking test machine
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  • Package: Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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Product Information


Crocking test machine to test the ink adhesion, in order to determine the quality of the ink. This machine is used for the test of dyeing and printing fabric, leather by the friction of the decolorization degree. Suitable for yarn, yarn dyed, printing and dyeing textile



Under certain conditions, samples and standard friction white cloth friction, evaluation of transfer to the small white on the staining degree by the gray card. To dry or wet white cotton cloth, wrapped in the friction cone, then reciprocating friction test piece clamping on the experiment, can be judged as dyeing fastness rating.



1, type: single hammer hand

2, the specimen: 140X50mm

3, weight: 9N

4, the friction distance: 100mm

5, the counter: 0~9999

6, volume: 65X20X22cm


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