Horizontal Refrigerator Door fatigue testing equipment

Horizontal Refrigerator Door fatigue testing equipment
Horizontal Refrigerator Door fatigue testing equipment
  • Horizontal Refrigerator Door fatigue testing equipment
  • Horizontal Refrigerator Door fatigue testing equipment
  • Minimum: 1 SET
  • Delivery: 15 days after order.
  • Model: HD-K903
  • Country: China
  • BrandName: HD
  • Package: Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
  • Payment: L/C, D/P, T/T
  • Price: FOB, CIF
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Product Information


Horizontal Refrigerator Door fatigue testing machine is used for testing the switching ability of cabinet door, the retractable connecting rod does rectilinear motion back and forth, which is the same as the motion of cabinet door switching and drawer being pulling and pushing. And Horizontal Refrigerator Door fatigue testing machine is easy to operate and convenient to control. From the test result, we can know the quality of specimen.


2、Design criteria :ISO15502-2005、GB/T8059-1995、IEC60335 etc..


3、Main technical parameters

Status of refrigerator : at room temperature 16~32°and disconnecting to power

Opening angle of refrigerator door: 90°

Requirement of cycle of cabinet opening: 8-25times/min (Refrigerator door opening and closing for a cycle)

Special requirement:it can be set to open 1 time/6-60min, and the opening time is 6~12s/time and adjustable. The maximum times of door opening can not be less than 990 thousand times.

Height of refrigerator door: the width of different doors is different, and the rocker arm can be adjusted for testing.

The direction of refrigerator door opening:left side and right side both work, and it suits for double door refrigerators.

Structure of refrigerator door:it can fulfill the testing requirements of drawer type front and rear door.

Test time: the timer counts down and its unit is minute.

Dimension of refrigerator: 1000mm X 3000mm X 900mm

Overall dimension: 850mm×1200mm×2200mm

Weight : 350KG

Power supply : AC220V±10%,50HZ




Do not use this tester in below condition:

A.  Vibration and swing

B.  Direct sunlight

C.  High temperature, dusty, moist

D.  Make sure the AC power outlet grounding

E.  Forbid to use strong solvent (for example, benzene, nitro oil )to clean the outside surface of refrigerator.

F. Do not fill any water and sundries into the refrigerator to prevent the circuit elements from damaging and getting an electrical shock.

G. The manufacturer and the units which are approved by the National Metrology Department are responsible for dismantling and adjusting the display,  other people can not dismantle it without any permission. 


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