Leather Impact Tester

Leather Impact Tester
Leather Impact Tester
  • Leather Impact Tester
  • Leather Impact Tester
  • Leather Impact Tester
  • Leather Impact Tester
  • Leather Impact Tester
  • Minimum: 1 SET
  • Delivery: 15 days after order.
  • Model: HD-R602
  • Country: China
  • BrandName: HD
  • Package: Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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  • Price: FOB, CIF
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Product Information

Leather Impact Tester


The series leather impact tester is used to test the impact resistance performance of the metal materials under dynamic load, being an indispensable testing instrument in metallurgy and machine manufacturing units and is also a necessary testing instrument for the research of new materials in research institutions. The series leather testing equipment model is the mostly widely used impact testing machine at the current market  


The pendulum leather impact tester for the Izod impact testing machine is mainly used for testing the impact resistance of plastic products.

Second, the principle:

The machine used to test a variety of hard plastic material specimens subjected to a certain angle the weight of the blows, the energy absorbed to determine material toughness.

According to the standard

This instrument reference standard: ISO 180, ASTM-D256, JIS-K7110, JB / T 8761, GB / T 1843.

Instrument Specifications





Impact speed


Test angle


Weight (about)

About 36kg



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