Mattress Testing Machine

Mattress Testing Machine
Mattress Testing Machine
  • Mattress Testing Machine
  • Mattress Testing Machine
  • Mattress Testing Machine
  • Mattress Testing Machine
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  • Country: China
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  • Package: Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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Product Information

Mattress Testing Machine

1.The usage

Cornell Mattress Durability Tester is designed and manufactured for testing and evaluating of Innerspring and Box spring mattres

 2.Design criteria:

ASTM F 1566

3.Test objectives:

Use specific block impact on the mattress over and over again, to assess their durability, and the fastness of mattress spring .

4.Mattress Durability Tester specification:

·         1.Imposed the pressure on mattress by a transducer, pressure range to 300KG

·         2. Adjust the pushrod stroke on mattress , maximum force = 1025N  minimum force = 22N

·         3. Pusher travel speed adjustable, about 160 weeks times per minute

·         4. Suitable maximum specimen: 2.3M X 2.5M

·         5. A computer program under pressure transmitter and location of the transmitter of the data, make a complete test report.

·         6. Display Accuracy:  0.001kgf

·         7. Deformation precision:  0.001mm

·         8. Impact height:  0-300mm adjustable

·         9. Counter range:  0-99999 times

·         10. Motor power:  2KW DC 

5.The main components:

·         Motor: Taiwan's Teco Motor with reducer of Italy.

·         Speed adjustment: Taiwan's "Ed Force" drive

·         Guide bearing: Import from Japan.

·         Rack: aluminum body and steel

·         Control elements: Imported.

5.The image of Mattress Testing Machines

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