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PID Control Air Ventilation Aging Chamber HD-E701

PID Control Air Ventilation Aging Chamber HD-E701

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T

PID Control Air Ventilation Aging Chamber HD-E701

Product introduction:

Ventilation-type aging testing chamber assess and determine its high temperature storage and use of environmental adaptability, the sample in the simulation of high temperature and atmospheric pressure in the air after the aging of its performance and with the performance of unaged samples to be compared.

2.Heating system:
1, the use of far-infrared heating nickel alloy wire high-speed heating
2, high temperature, ventilation completely independent system
3, the temperature control output power are calculated by the microcomputer to achieve high precision and high efficiency of the electricity efficiency

3.Corresponding standard

Accord with ASTM D5423-9(R2005)(Ⅱ-Type oven)and ASTMD 5374-93(2005) UL-1581、GB、VDE、JIS、IEC 

4.Applicable industries

The aging tank used to test the material heat-resisting for polymer materials (plastics, plastic) and electrical insulation materials, such as: wire and cable sheathing, heat-shrinkable tubing, rubber or PVC materials.

5.Main parameters:


Testing space:About 45×50×45cm

Temperature:RT~200℃,resolution: 0.1℃,accuracy: 0.5℃

Rotation:0~10 or 10~200 time/H

Ventilation adjusted:Auto-tuning type

Ventilation system:Using voltage regulator to change the volume of air, convenient to adjust

Built-in circulating air system:ensure the temperature uniformly:1%(count at the highest temperature)

Material:SUS#304 stainless steel

Protector:Over-temperature breaker

control system:

1. TCM control system can make the amount of increase heat is equal   to heat of los

2. With P.I.D automatic calculation function, precision temperature control

sensor:high-accuracy PT100 thermocouple。temperature fluctuation 0.5%(count at the highest temperature)

inside size:50cm(L)x 40 cm(D)x 50 cm(H)

outside size:120cm(L)x 65 cm(D)x 134 cm(H)

insulation:80mm rock wool

Count the volume of air:Formula for Japan JIS7212 N = 3590(X-Y)

X: the consumption of electricity in ventilation WH。

Y: the consumption of electricity in no ventilation WH。     

V: volume (cm3)

D: Density of air(g/cm3)

T: temperature contrast between inside and outside

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