Sheet , rubber , paper friction coefficient testing machine

Sheet , rubber ,  paper friction coefficient testing machine
Sheet , rubber ,  paper friction coefficient testing machine
  • Sheet , rubber ,  paper friction coefficient testing machine
  • Sheet , rubber , paper friction coefficient testing machine
  • Minimum: 1 SET
  • Delivery: 15 days after order.
  • Model: HD-A841
  • Country: China
  • BrandName: HD
  • Package: Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
  • Payment: L/C, D/P, T/T
  • Price: FOB, CIF
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Product Information


Friction coefficient tester is suitable for measurement of plastic film and sheet , rubber ,  paper ,  cardboard ,  woven bag ,  fabric style ,  communication cable and optical cable using metal composite belt ,  conveyor belt ,  wood ,  coating ,  wiper , shoes ,  tires and other materials of the static friction coefficient and sliding friction coefficient .  The smoothness measurement of material ,  can control and adjust theindex technology for the production of quality materials ,  meet the product requirements .  It also can be used for the determination of smooth performance of cosmetics ,  eye drops ,  daily chemical supplies .

Instrument technology characteristics of the determination coefficient of friction :

The dynamic friction ,  static friction ,  dynamic and static friction three kinds of experimental models for users to choose

Test speed can be set ,  adjustable support arbitrary block quality;

The instrument to meet the GB ,  ISO ,  ASTM a variety of test standards ,  test method can be selected according to customer needs any

Instrument test platform and test block after degaussing process and residual magnetism ,  effectively reduce the error of the test system

Device is controlled by microcomputer ,  with menu operation interface ,  the PVC control panel and liquid crystal display ,  convenient for the user to test operation and data view

System parts are used the world famous imported components ,  performance is stable and reliable

Professional software can automatically piece ,  the group test results and statistical analysis of the original data analysis ,  comparison group curve superposition ,  and a variety of reporting mode intuitive and rapid test resultsshow the customer

RS232 interface with a miniature printer and standard ,  external convenientsystem with computer connection and data transmission

Sharing system support Lystem ™ laboratory data ,  unified management of test results and test report

Apparatus for performing standard Determination of the coefficient of friction :

ISO 8295 ,  GB 10006 ,  ASTM D1894 ,  TAPPI T816






Coefficient measurement range :  0 ~ 1

Measuring accuracy :  0 . 01

Measuring range :  0 ~ 2N

Velocity slider :  100 ± 10mm/min

The thickness of the sample :  ≤ 2mm

Block size :  63 x 63mm

Slide quality :  200 ± 2G

Table size :  200mm x 470mm



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