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Tensile Test Equipment

Haida Tensile Test Machines

Haida equipment can provide a full-featured Universal Testing Machine series. The Tensile Test Machine is a special test equipment for the tensile strength of the material in the universal testing machine. Haida`s tensile test machine to meet material manufacturers, laboratories, product research and development department to develop more safe, higher quality product requirements. Our tensile test machine is specially designed for different industries, different testing materials, different testing force. Configure the correct control system, fixture, accessories, etc. Our tensile tester have a multiple testing function for difference materials by changing different fixtures, such as tensile strength test, fatigue test, tearing strength test, bending strength test, compression test, cyclic, flexure, peel... etc. Complies with ASTM, CE, ISO, JIS, EN, TAPPI ... and other standards.

Series Type Force Range Series Type Force Range
609 Electromechanical Up to 2KN 615 Electromechanical Up to 50KN
617 Electromechanical Up to 5KN 611 Electromechanical Up to 100KN
604 Electromechanical Up to 20KN 616 Hydraulic Up to 2000KN

Universal Test Machine main for materials or industries : metal, chain, paper category, textile fabrics, rubber, plastic, tape,film, fiber, wood, composite materials, wire and cable ...

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