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How to choose the constant temperature and humidity chamber
How to choose the constant temperature and humidity chamber
We must pay attention to:
One, size selection
The general constant temperature and humidity chamber size is decided according to the test of the size of the product, according to the national standard GB2423 requirements, test studio size is more than or equal to 3 times the test product, such as a test of the effect is ideal, the other of your products is 300 wide and 250 long 180 high MM, if the test product matter number words, 408L (Studio 600X850X800MM) is enough, of course, can choose a more big, can be divided into multilayer test;
Two, selection of power supply
Constant temperature and humidity box whether 220V or 380V is more than an excuse of three-phase power, if the temperature is below -40 degrees, and the box in the 225L above, suggestions on the selection of 380V four phase power excuse, because of this the whole Laboratory of power is relatively stable, but also beneficial to the equipment itself life;
Three, air cooling and water cooling selection:
Constant temperature and humidity box adopts air cooling is enough, the water is generally rapid temperature rise test machine large room temperature and humidity or big box, the general thermal shock test box adopts water cooling more;
Four, constant temperature and humidity box use environment
(1). Allowed the use temperature range of 0~35 ℃
(2): 5~35 ℃ range performance guarantee.
(3): relative humidity of not more than 85%.
(4): 86 ~ 106Kpa high pressure.
(5) around without a strong vibration.
(6). No direct sunlight or other heat source direct irradiation
(7). Natural drainage port: the drainage pipe shall not have prominent midway, houses on the ground without a tilt.
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