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Rubber resistance aging test general test items

Rubber resistance aging test general test items

Rubber is a reversible deformation of the high elastic polymer material, divided into two types of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Rubber as the basic raw material of the rubber industry, widely used in various fields of industry or life, can be used in the manufacture of tires, hoses, tapes, cables and other rubber products.


Raw rubber or rubber products in the processing, storage or use of the process, will be hot, oxygen, light and other factors and the gradual changes in the physical and chemical changes, so that the performance decline and loss of use. Such as the tire sidewall in the course of the use of heat, light, alternating stress and strain, oxygen, ozone and other factors


Rubber anti-aging test according to ISO, GB, ASTM, DIN and other domestic and foreign standards, a variety of polymer materials (plastics, rubber, paint, acrylic, plexiglass, aluminum profiles, rubber seals, polyethylene sheathing material, poly Rubber, composite materials, automotive materials, building materials, resins, adhesives, chemical reagents, etc.) and its products for performance, the old detection and testing, plastic, rubber, composite materials and other polymer materials for life Projections and evaluation tests.



Aging test items

Aging testing standards


Light aging

Xenon lamp aging

GB/T16422.2-1999GB/T1865-2009ISO4892-2:2006ASTM G155-05aSAE J2527SAE J2412 etc


 UV Aging

GB/T16422.3-1997ISO4892-22006GB/T14522-2008ASTM G154etc


Carbon arc lamp aging

GB/T16422.4-1996ISO4892-4:2004ASTM G152JIS D0205...


Outdoor natural exposure



Thermal aging

Hot air aging



Hot and humid aging



Material life assessment



Hot and cold cycle aging



Accelerated corrosion aging

Salt spray corrosion aging

GB/T10125-1997GB/T1771-2007ASTM G117...


Acid corrosion aging

GB/T9274-1988GB/T11547-2008 ASTM G543-06


Ozone aging



Conventional aging test items:

Aging commonly used test conditions:

(1) commonly used xenon lamp aging test conditions: irradiance (340nm) 0.50w / m2; relative humidity: (50 ± 5)%; black panel temperature: (65 ± 3) ; Rainfall cycle: 18min / 102min (water / No water spray)


(2) a carbon arc lamp aging test conditions used: Arc Voltage: 50V; arc current: 6OA; Irradiance (300 ~ 700nm): 255W / m2; Black panel temperature: (63 ± 3) ; relative humidity: (50 ± 5)%; rainfall cycle: 12min / 48min (water / no water spray);


.(3) UV aging commonly used test conditions: UVA (340nm) Irradiance 0.68w / m2; 60 ℃ × 4h light / 50 ℃ × 4h condensation;


(4) Neutral salt spray corrosion test conditions: salt concentration: (50 ± 5) g / L, temperature: (35 ± 1) , PH value: 6.5 ~ 7.2, continuous spray.


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