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2019 is coming to an end


2019 is coming to an end

Unconsciously, it's already the last month of 2019

What is your biggest receipt in 2019?

In 2019

Hida has changed dramatically

Relocation of Haida's new factory completed

Haida opens a new dream

In the last month

Everyone is sprinting for the final goal

Haida's production staff is also working hard to ship

In order to get the machine delivered to customers as soon as possible

Overtime manufacturing machine

end of year

Orders will usher in a peak period

Whether it ’s production staff

Still our salesman

Doing my best in the last month

Put a good end to 2019

The upcoming 2019 will become history in history

And the coming 2020

It was a year we worked hard

Let us fight together for our dreams in 2020

"Let every company have high-quality testing equipment"

Is what Haida strives to achieve

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