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Agent Service

Haida International Equipment is one of the Leading companies solely dedicated to the Manufacture of Universal Tensile Machine (UTM), Paper and Packaging Testing Machine(P&P), Accelerate Environments Test System(AES)and Furniture, Foam& Optical Testing Machine(FFO).

 Our Agents


            INDIA                                                                                                  THAILAND                                      

            - Boson Techno Systems Pvt. Ltd                                                        - W.R.Precision Co.,Ltd

            - #67, Gokal Nagar, Majitha Road,                                                      - 133/394 Moo 2 Banggroy-Trinoy Rd., T,

              Amritsar - 143001 State - Punjab, India                                               Pimonrat, A.Bangbuatong, Nonthaburi 11110      

            - Contact Person: Mr.Vijay Sharma                                                      - Contact Person: Mr. Jenrop Meksoongnern

            - E-mail : sales-in@qc-test.cn                                                              - E-mail : sales-th@qc-test.cn



            UNITED KINGDOM                                                                             BANGLADESH

            - A.C Solutions (G.B) Limited                                                               - Tanitex Sollution 

            - Buckinghamshire Hp12 3re, Uk                                                         - House #05,Block#Kha,P.C Culture Housin

            - Contact Person: Mr. Mohammed Afzal                                               Society,Ring Road,Shayamoli,Dhaka-1207.

            - E-mail : sales-uk@qc-test.cn                                                             - Contact Person: Md.Loman Hossain Nazmul

                                                                                                                        - E-mail : sales- bd@qc-test.cn



            TURKEY                                                                                              MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE

            - Enforteks Tekstil San.Tic.Ltd.Sti                                                         - SES Scientific Sdn Bhd
            - Bahcelievler Mah. Sultan Murat Cad                                                  - Level 23-1, Premier Suite, One Mont

             Mizrak Sok. NO: 3, B-1 Cengelkoy – Uskudar                                      Kiara, No 1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara

             – Istanbul, 34688, Turkey                                                                     50480 Kuala Lumpur
            - Contact Person:  Mr. Önder Yelkenci                                                 - Contact Person: Mr. Jimmy LEE Shen Sun

            - E-mail : sales-tk@qc-test.cn                                                              - E-mail: sales-ms@qc-test.cn


Agent Recruitment

In order to better serve our customers,Haida specializes in recruiting agents around the world and becoming our agent has the following advantages:

1. We will provide free product training for you, including product features, advantages, use, maintenance and maintenance knowledge.

2. The company provides you with prototypes free of charge

3. The company will provide a certain amount of extra rewards for excellent agents whose sales value reaches a certain value.

4. The company will gradually set up branches in various countries in the world. Agents will gain the opportunity to manage the company.

If you want to get good development opportunities and opportunities to make money, join us to make money. If you would like to contact us now, you can call  +86 13829267288, you can also send email to manager@qc-test.com

Three Major Characteristics
Equipment Technical Support
Equipment Technical Support
Equipment technical training, Customer follow-up training ,Equipment installation and debugging support.
Free Exhibition Support
Free Exhibition Support
The exhibition on a regular basis, Exhibition design, The exhibition technical personnel support.
Provide Local Customer Resources
Provide Local Customer Resources
Market analysis, Headquarters marketing, The price preferential benefit.