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Baby stroller must be rigorously tested before use

Baby stroller must be rigorously tested before use


Baby stroller must be rigorously tested before use

Childs vehicles have become a kind of home necessities now, a baby carriage is carried by the parents of infinite love for the children, but the parents of young people sometimes do not know the baby carriage in the end should be how to choose?

Optional baby carriage, safety is the most important, especially after the completion of the new car assembly, be sure to check the vehicle parts of some fasteners have been tightened in place. If there is a little loose, then it is possible to make the baby carriage in the high-speed movement in the disintegration of the phenomenon, endanger the safety of the baby. In addition to fasteners, including the baby carriage seat is flexible, whether the wheel is valid, should be the focus of the inspection.

When a stroller through the parties to check the test to determine if there is no problem later, the next parents to learn is how to use. What parents need to do first is to make internal adjustments. To make the height of the baby carriage, the depth for the baby's body, otherwise the baby sitting uncomfortable, he will cry more than.

In the course of use, we must pay attention to the safety of baby carriages, in any case, do not arbitrarily disengage the baby in the waist crotch belt. More can not be a baby carriage as a shopping cart, casually in the baby carriage around hanging a variety of toys, parcels or other heavy objects. Stroller load is a certain requirement, more than the weight, stroller easy to run in the process of rollover. Pay attention to the above points, then the baby carriage can be assured that the use of comfortable children to spend every day.

Baby is the country's hope, but also the focus of each family, each child to use the baby carriage, then a baby car in the end what test before they can flow into the market?

Haida Equipment Co., Ltd. Testing notes:

1, the baby driver to the strength test, the baby driver to strength test is the purpose of continuous improvement and under the stroll of the baby's hand to assess the strength of the handle structure reasonable.

2, walker crash test,

Walker crash test for the front wheel swing direction of the durability test, the use of two cylinders to coordinate around Swing action, the swing structure to impose a certain torque force, set the number of tests and time to visually check the swing structure of the degree of wear and tear. The instrument used was a baby carriage / walker crash tester.

3, wheel brake wear test machine, wheel brake wear test machine for the brake function of the baby wheel wear test, need to use the instrument is wheel brake wear test machine.

4, hand resistance test, the cable system in the other end of the handle or another independent hand and then repeat the test. Change the handle and repeat the above procedures for testing the resistance of the handle, need to use hand Put the resistance tester.

5, baby handle handle rotary fatigue test, stroller handle rotary fatigue test for the front wheel swing when the handle to test, such as baby carriage, hand, cart handle. In the specified angle of the left or right pendulum, the number of swing can be counted to determine the mechanical properties of the handle and the overall structure of the deformation, the need to use the instrument is the stroller handle rotary fatigue testing machine.

6, 100 degree rotary table test, the test is aimed at the dynamic, the baby basket or seat fixed on the frame of the device shall not be broken, loose or in the test or after testing shall not have any damage. Baby Carriages 100degree Turntable Testing Machine.

7, baby wheel wheel wear resistance test, baby wheel wheel wear test for small wheel wear test, such as suitcases, skates, stroller, trolley wheels. Can be measured wheel wear resistance and the overall structure of wear and tear and deformation, the test results for improvement for reference. Need to use the instrument is the baby wheel wheel wear test machine.

The above is the 7 basic tests of the baby carriage test, we always firmly believe that only qualified products can bring safety and happiness for the children.

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