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Common faults and solutions of shaker table

Common faults and solutions of shaker table


Simulated transport shaking table

Transport simulation vibration table is mainly simulated goods in the car transport, encountered different road conditions such as: bumps, uphill, downhill, turn, etc., the product in the car box produced items and items of the collision, Items and the collision of the car, items and items squeeze, etc., to cause damage to the product, thereby further improving the quality of goods and packaging quality.


Common faults and solutions

A, adjust the speed knob, the transport station no response

1). Connection of the control box and the transport station is not connected

2). Speed knob is damaged

3). Speed control panel is damaged

4) The motor is damaged


1). Connect the plug again

2). Repair or replace the speed control knob

3). Repair or replace the speed control board

Check or replace

B, the transport station moves, but the tachometer has been shown to be zero

1). The tachometer is damaged

2). The sensor is damaged

3). Sensor position change


Replace the tachometer

2) Replace the sensor

3) Adjust the position of the sensor

C, the timer is not displayed

The timer burns out

Replace the timer

D, after the timing is reached, the transport station will continue to run

1). The timer is damaged

2). The intermediate relay is damaged


1). Replace the timer

2) Replace the intermediate relay

E, when the transport station is running, there is a crash

Fixed screw loose

Tighten the relevant screws

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