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How To Calculate Bursting Factor Of A Paper


How To Calculate Bursting Factor Of A Paper

What is bursting strength:

Bursting strength is the maximum pressure on the surface of the paper or paperboard that is perpendicular to the surface of the specimen under the experimental conditions. Bursting strength of carton reflects the circulation in the process of handling, loading and unloading, impact and tear strength capacity, is one of the comprehensive evaluation of the performance of the carton.

Factors of affecting fracture strength:

The bursting strength of corrugated box is composed of the inner and outer layers of cardboard and paper itself septum bursting strength, has nothing to do with the corrugated paper. The paper is mainly decided by the bursting strength of paper fiber. The breaking resistance is related to the length of fiber and the binding force between fibers, and the increase of fiber length and the increase of the bonding force between the fibers can improve the fracture resistance. Wood pulp paper bursting with high recovery of pulp, paper pulp coniferous forest with hardwood pulp high breaking resistance. In addition, in the process of making paper adding some additives also helps to improve the bursting strength of paper.

how to calculate bursting factor of a paper:

The principle of empirical formula is the bursting strength of corrugated paper in the paper, and is equal to the bursting strength of paper septum and multiplied by a certain coefficient, but has nothing to do with the bursting strength of corrugated paper.

Empirical formula for calculating bursting strength of paperboard:

P=0.92 sigma sigma B

In type:

P is the bursting strength of corrugated board

Breaking strength for resistance to sigma B in the paper, paper and paper of the middle segment

Sigma total

Because of the difference between batches, base stacking time and storage environment will cause certain influence on bursting strength, so there will be some estimated value and the true value of error analysis, the test data statistics, the error was less than 1.0Kg. We should also be included in the calculation of the resistance and the strength of the paper should be included in the scope of consideration.


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