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How to properly maintain the analog transport vibration testing machine?

How to properly maintain the analog transport vibration testing machine?


How to properly maintain the analog transport vibration testing machine?

Simulated transport vibration testing machine is the most important and direct means of simulating vibration and studying the seismic performance of products. It is one of the main equipments of analog vibration system. The vibration test stand can simulate the vibration reproduction according to people's needs. The vibration system is mainly composed of hydraulic Source system, exciter, servo analog controller, table, control system.

maintain a good analog transport equipment, what are the skills of vibration? Look at some of the following maintenance:

1. Clean the surface of the metal coating regularly with clean oil, screw and gear parts regularly add lubricating oil, can play a protective and maintenance role, to extend equipment life

2. Simulation of the operation of the shaking table to slowly adjust the speed, should not quickly twist the knob, or easy to burn the motor

3. Check the machine thoroughly before use, wipe clean with a rag after use, and keep the machine clean

4. To strictly follow the instructions to use the environment to use, and pay attention to water and moisture

5. Bearings should be checked regularly, and regularly wash and replace the lubricating oil, the bearings to maintain good lubrication to the normal operation of equipment

6. Do not load more than the maximum load of the machine to withstand the capacity, or easy to damage the equipment

7. Do not plug the wrong power supply, such as: 220V misuse for the 110V power supply), causing a short circuit, burn the instrument

8. Be sure to secure the ground wire to ensure safety

9. To have a professional technician independent control to ensure the correct method of operation

10. After the operation is finished, turn off the power and thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the machine


Finally, warm to remind you: If there are problems, please do not open the device, please contact the manufacturer.

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