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Ozone Aging Test Chamber Introduction

Ozone Aging Test Chamber Introduction


Ozone Aging Test Chamber Introduction

Ozone Aging Chamber Description:

Ozone in the atmosphere is rarely the main factors of rubber cracking, ozone aging chamber simulation and strengthening the atmosphere of ozone conditions, the study of the role of ozone on the rubber, rapid identification and evaluation of rubber anti-ozone aging performance and anti-ozone agent Protective effect of the method, and then take effective anti-aging measures to improve the life of rubber products

Ozone Aging Chamber experiment method:

According to the test methods and standards can be divided into "static" and "dynamic", static is the sample is stretched after the release of the test chamber to do the test, the dynamic is placed in the test box on the fixture, Test, stretching the floating sample itself is about 5% -45%.


The principle of  the ozone aging chamber refrigeration work:

The cycle consists of two iso thermal processes and two adiabatic processes. The process is as follows:
The refrigerant is compressed by the compressor to a higher pressure, consuming the energy to raise the exhaust temperature, After the refrigerant through the condenser and other media for heat exchange to the heat transfer to the surrounding media. After the refrigerant through the shutoff valve adiabatic expansion work, then the refrigerant temperature decreases. Finally, the refrigerant is absorbed by the evaporator or the like from the higher temperature object, and the temperature of the object to be cooled is lowered. This cycle is repeated to achieve the purpose of cooling. Refrigeration system design and application of energy regulation technology, an effective way to deal with both in the normal operation of the refrigeration unit to ensure that the cooling system can also be the energy consumption and cooling capacity to effectively adjust the cooling system operating costs Down to a more economical state.


Ozone aging Chamber Structural Design:

A reasonable window of the door to set a transparent window, to observe the changes in indoor samples. The observation window adopts multi-layer hollow tempered glass, inner adhesive sheet conductive film, with transparent, heat insulation, easy to produce steam frost and so on

Equipment using long axis fan motor for mixing, high and low temperature resistant stainless steel multi-wing impeller to achieve the intensity of convection vertical diffusion cycle, so that the laboratory temperature uniform and has remained stable

The use of non-reaction door handle, easier to operate

The bottom of the machine to install high-quality fixed PU movable wheel, you can easily move the machine to a specified location, and finally the casters fixed


Sample rack requirements:

1, by the shell, electronic components, ozone generator, these major components

2, at the required elongation with a fixture to fix the two ends of the sample, and ozonized air contact, the length of the sample to the direction of the air flow is basically parallel

3, fixtures should not be easily decomposed ozone materials (such as aluminum) made.

4, the sample rotation speed between (20 ^ -25) mm / s, in a vertical dry air flow in the plane, each sample continuously along the same way to move

5, the same sample is rotated for a week (8 ^ -12) min. The scanning area of the specimen (the shaded part shown in Figure 2) is at least 40% of the effective area of the test chamber.

6, sample preparation should be consistent with the provisions of GB / T 9865.1. The sample is best cut from the new mold out of the test piece, if necessary, can be cut from the finished product. Samples should be at least

7, using at least 3 samples for each test condition.

8, the length of the standard sample is not less than 10mm width, thickness 2.Omm disabilities 0.2mm, before the two ends of the specimen before the length of the specimen not less than 40mm.


The Ozone Aging Chamber OF Heating and cooling systems:

  1. Using far-infrared nickel alloy high-speed heating wire;

  2. Ozone, temperature, humidity, refrigeration completely independent system;

  3. Temperature control output power by microcomputer calculus, to achieve high precision and high efficiency of electricity efficiency;

  4. Compressor: fully enclosed French Taikang 1 set;

  5. Cooling method: air cooling;

  6. Refrigerant: R404A;

  7. The whole system piping are ventilation and pressure 48H leaking leak test;

  8. Heating, cooling system completely independent;

  9. Internal spiral refrigerant copper tube;

  10. Slope type evaporator;

  11. Dry filter, refrigerant flow window, repair valve, oil separator, solenoid valve, storage tank are imported original parts

Ozone Aging Chamber Usage:

ozone test chamber is used to test the rubber and its products, anti-ozone aging performance equipment to meet (meet) the relevant standards: JIS K 6259 ASTM1149 ISO1431 GB / T7762 GB / T13642, etc. ... Ozone test chamber is mainly used in anti-oxidation test toolbox.In fact,Ozone Aging Chamber can be used to detect all outdoor materials.


The test is divided into two types

1, speed motor drive sample rack device (to meet the static method of tensile test, the specimen trajectory to meet the principle of cycloid trajectory).

2, the ozone concentration automatic digital control device.

3, double-beam "QUA" non-dispersive UV ozone detector.

4, digital automatic on-line measurement.

5, leaving the measurement test calibration interface.

6, ozone concentration / temperature and humidity settings to control the PID self-tuning, easy to operate and reliable.


Chamber Main Material:

1, shell cold plate spray / liner stainless steel.

2, AI digital display intelligent control instrument.

3, gas flow meter, precise control of all levels of gas flow. With "QUA" non-dispersive UV ozone detector (the most reliable and most popular method for detecting ozone).

4, Bill - Lambert principle measurement application software (internationally recognized).

5, equipped with gas purifier, thermostat, activated carbon absorption and silica gel drying tower.

6, containing ozone flow parallel to the sample.

7, optional remote monitoring software (PC can be used to print test data).

8, keep the classic chemical test ozone concentration interface.

9, the test box to set the internal power supply


The characteristics of the Chamber Preparation:

1. Air circulation device: built-in circulating duct, test air evenly from top to bottom parallel to the specimen surface,

Conform to the national standard.

(0.1 ), humidity (0.1% RH), and the temperature (0.1 ), the temperature and humidity (0.1 ), the temperature and humidity (0.1 ), the ozone Concentration (1pphm), PID set value control, easy to operate.

3. Electromagnetic air pump to provide high-quality air supply, oil-free, to ensure long-term work of the gas system reliability.

4. Double-speed UV ozone detector for the Shanghai University and our technical cooperation with the development of internationally recognized standards for the detection of ozone equipment, stable performance, automatic zero control, no ozone cold light source UV lamp long life, high precision. Bo digital system measurement software, accurate and reliable.

5. The device has the following safety devices:

5.1 power overload, short circuit protection

5.2 control circuit overload, short circuit protection, ground protection.

5.3 over-temperature protection, alarm warning, water protection


Method of The Ozone Aging Chamber Operation:

1.  the ozone aging test box set regularly

(H: hour, M: minute, S: second), such as 2 hours and 30 minutes, set "02H30", set up and then open Timer switch, press the power "ON" button, then the device into the high temperature operation, after the time, the device will automatically cut off the power.

2. the ozone aging test chamber ozone test started

Turn on the green button. The temperature of the test box to 40 degrees, and so the temperature of the test chamber to the ozone meter 0, wait 20 minutes after the ozone button to open. Instrument set to see the instrument manual;

Humidity test, Wuhan is still remind you to check the water inside the tank whether there is water, anhydrous water. Open the hot and humid button. Turn the test instrument to the required test temperature, open the cooling button.

3. the ozone aging test chamber dynamic test:

Open the turntable button and pull the button, according to the need to adjust the speed, exhaust button is the end of the test when the ozone out to the outdoor open.

4.  the ozone aging test chamber alarm temperature settings:

Press the instrument set key "SET" 5 seconds, enter the instrument internal menu:

AL1 (alarm 1): generally AL1 = SV +15 , the alarm when the role of high temperature, low temperature does not need to set. Example: SV is 50 , then AL1 is 65 .

ATU (auto tuning): Auto-tuning to 0000 means off, 0001 is on. The machine is generally open without self-tuning, if a set temperature is difficult to constant, then open the auto-tuning. In the self-tuning process, the temperature inside the box will fluctuate, is a normal phenomenon.


Ozone system:

As a result of the use of IF high-voltage power supply, because the electrode will not produce corona overheating, so that the ozone concentration is stable, not with the working hours or the level of gas flow caused by decreased ozone concentration. The high-frequency creeping discharge ceramic corona generator due to the use of high-frequency voltage discharge, the temperature in the discharge area can not effectively spread out, leading to decomposition of ozone due to overheating, in high air conditions is appropriate

(0.1 ), humidity (0.1% RH), ozone concentration (0.1% RH), ozone concentration (0.1% RH), ozone concentration (0.1% RH), ozone concentration (0.1% RH), ozone concentration (0.1% RH) 1pphm), PID set value control, easy to operate

Non-volatile components, work-free maintenance, long life The high-frequency creeping discharge ceramic corona generator ceramic electrode surface easy to produce oxidized attachments, when the surface oxide is too thick, prone to corona occlusion, not timely cleaning, ozone can not produce.


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