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Automatic Sampling Gas Chromatograph

Automatic Sampling Gas Chromatograph

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T

Automatic Sampling Gas Chromatograph

 Gas Chromatograph                                           Gas Chromatograph

Product Description:

Automatic sampling gas chromatograph is used for quantitative and qualitative analysis to determine the physical and chemical constants such as the distribution coefficient, activity coefficient, molecular weight and surface area of the sample in the fixed phase. An instrument for analyzing the components of a mixed gas.

Column temperature Box

Furnace Size


Temperature control Range

Above room temperature5~450℃;Using liquid nitrogen cold   traps:-80~400℃;Using dry ice traps:-55~400

Temperature setting accuracy


Maximum program heating rate


Maximum once method run time


Program temperature maximum order

7 stages

Program heating rate

0.1~120/minIncremental 0.1℃)

Operation Column loss compensation (dual   channel)

Heating Zone

6 independent control Heating zone control   (excluding furnace temperature, two inlet, two detectors, two auxiliary   heating area auxiliary heating zone maximum operating temperature )



Hydrogen Flame Ionization detector FID

Maximum operating temperature


Minimum detectable limit

2.5pgC/s [n-C16]

Dynamic linear range


Data acquisition frequency

The highest: 100Hz

Thermal conductivity cell detector  TCD

Maximum operating temperature


Minimum detectable limit

400pg C3H8/ml(He)

Dynamic linear range


data acquisition frequency

The highest: 100Hz

Flame photometric detector  FPD

Maximum operating temperature


Minimum detectable limit

4pgC/sec,1pg P/sec



Dynamic linear Range


Electronic Capture Detector ECD

Maximum operating temperature


Detector compensation Gas Type

5% Methane/Argon or nitrogen

Minimum detectable limit

0.01Ppg/s lindane

Dynamic linear range


data acquisition frequency


Radioactive sources

12mCi  63Ni

Nitrogen and phosphorus detectors NPD

Maximum operating temperature


Minimum check out limit

0.2 pg N/sec,0.2 pg P/sec

Dynamic linear Range


Minimum detection limit

0.3pg C/Sec

The above detectors are suitable for   filling column and capillary column

Optional configuration

Anti-control software

Automatic Feed b6891n

The table parameters is for the company Standard Model parameters, we support customer customization parameters

Application industry

1. Analysis of dissolved gas in transformer oil;

2. Analysis of ethylene oxide in medical devices.

3. Analysis of coke oven gas;

4. Pesticide residue analysis;

Alcohol analysis in blood; 5.

6. Analysis of natural gas and liquefied gas;

7. Indoor environment TVOC analysis;

8. Analysis of liquor components;

9. High purity gas analysis;

10. Detection of solvent residue of packaging materials.


Performance characteristics

1. Inlet flow rate, chromatographic column load airflow, detector gas flow, complete EPC control

Micro-channel Air Circuit Integrated Board

All-imported miniature proportional valves and flow/pressure sensors Automatic temperature compensation ensures accurate flow and pressure control to 0.01Psi

2. Industry-Leading detector design

All detectors are high-precision electronic flow/pressure control

Fit and fill column and capillary column Special ceramic treatment of the enlarged plate, in the humid season is always stable

Automatic ignition, hydrogen leak automatic protection function, safe and reliable

3. Automatic ignition, hydrogen leakage automatic protection function, safe and reliable

4. Accurate furnace temperature tracking design

5. Independent Heating small column box In the multi-column chromatographic system, the temperature of different columns can be set respectively, so as to achieve the best separation effect of each column.

6. Fully imported Valve configuration system Up to 8 valves (four-pass valve, six-pass valve, ten-pass valve and liquid injection valve optional); Automatic control, sequence operation;

7. Precision temperature control of the heating furnace

Furnace internal control accuracy less than 0.01°c

The temperature difference between the internal points is not more than the °c

Rapid heating and cooling, the highest program heating speed: 120/min, balance time 10 seconds, cooling time 300°c~50°c 6 minutes Absolute control of the temperature accuracy (with the actual temperature difference is less than 0.3C)

8. Pneumatic cutting technology for the convenience of implementation

Multi-dimensional chromatographic function to complete the separation and analysis of complex samples It can realize the inverse blowing function of chromatographic column to save the analysis time and cycle greatly.

9. Advanced Power Distribution Management shunt

   A 3000 watt UPS can provide 10 units of normal power 2250 watts/set of GC stable working power supply

10. Automatic Feed

8-bit automatic injection device (optional Agilent 7683/7693 liquid automatic injection)

11. With Automatic online detection function

Gas Chromatograph

Gas Chromatograph

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