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bursting strength tester principle

bursting strength tester principle


bursting strength tester principle

Product Introduction:

Bursting strength tester is the international general Miao Lun (Mullen) instrument, widely used in packaging materials, mainly used for testing all kinds of cardboard and single-layer and multi-layer corrugated cardboard, can also be used for silk, cotton and paper material of bursting strength test.

Operational Principle:

Bursting strength tester adopts signal transmission pressure, sample rupture automatically retain maximum fracture strength. The test piece is placed on the rubber mold, and is clamped by the clamping piece, and then the pressure is uniformly applied, so that the test piece and the adhesive film are free to bulge together, until the test piece is broken, the maximum value of the hydraulic pressure is applied, that is, the bursting strength value of the test piece is tested.

Testing Standard:

The design of the instrument conforms to the standards of ASTM-D2210, TAPPI-T403, JIS-P8112, L1018, L1004 and so on.

Operating Instructions:

All you need to do is put the material into the machine, that is, automatic detection, automatic testing, automatic oil return and automatic calculation, storage test data, printing, digital display of the instrument and can automatically print test results and data processing.



Operation Steps:

1, turn on the power, turn on the power switch indicator light.

2, the power of about 30 seconds after the display automatically into the test state, that is, the display of the 0, the display is no longer beating.

3, check oil thimble is locked, if there is no lock necessary to lock it; check the air leaks, if the leak source must be adjusted

Good square test.

4, press the clear, to ensure that the display is 0, then press the key.

5, when everything is ready, press the motor start button, the cylinder down on the test sample, pressurized motor automatic operation pressure after 5 seconds.

6. When the test piece is broken, the maximum pressure value is displayed on the monitor, and the instrument cylinder will rise automatically.

7, do not turn off the power switch.

8, when the maximum value is retained, press the function key two times, save the maximum value, according to the following print key, print out the test value.

Note: if you need to force the value of the unit conversion, press the unit key can be converted.

9, after the cylinder back, take the test piece.

10, turn off the power switch, power indicator lights off.


Company Introduction:

Haida International Equipment Co., Ltd. which headquartered in Dongguan. since 12 years ago, with many years of superb professional manufacturing experience and perfect after-sales service, Haida has become one of the most important leaders in the precision testing machines industry.

Based on the belief "Quality Comes From Precision, Quality Creates the Future", Haida people do each piece of work well for their customers.

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