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Carton and Paper Box Computerized Proofing Machine

Carton and Paper Box Computerized Proofing Machine

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
L/C, D/P, T/T

Carton and Paper Box Computerized Proofing Machines
 function feature
A product of Sino-Swiss technologies,servomotors imported from Switzerland.The motor are running,Vibrating at rotary speed up to 25000rpm
Using Servo-motor from Panasonic,to control up,down and turn of Vibration Cutting head and creasing head independently.With computerized conttrol,the depth of cutting and creasing can be adjusted precisely according to the need of box designer and makers.
The machines have three types of functional heads:vibration cutting head,creasing wheels,V-Cutter,high speed milling Router,with drawing pen.It enable the machine can work on different materials; corrugated paper, gray board, white cardboard, plastic sheets, composite materials, textiles, leathers, foam board, sponge etc at option of 15mm maximum cutting height.
The all data wire is imported from Germany.
The machine table is made of American imported fiberboard, which is breathable, durable and not easily deformed.
Data is transmitted by the most stable Ethernet port with network cable, and can be directly connected to AI software and all software output such as Autocad, Coraldraw, etc.
Safety device is provided (the hand enters the Infrared laser light positioning and the machine stops automatically).
High speed, the fastest speed can reach 1500mm per second.
Control all fine-tuning functions directly on the machine, including automatic image optimization, without the need for an additional computer.
Infrared laser light positioning device for printed work can be cut accurately in easy and quickest way.

Table of Technical Information 
Technical parameters / modelsHD-1410HD-1813HD-2516
Working characteristics
Computer operation and cutting machines can be used simultaneously for quick data transmission capable of continuous operations
cutting speed1500mm/s  Up to 1500mm/s
Cutting thickness0.5-15mm
Cutting material
Corrugated materials,sponge and foam board,lvory cardboard, gray paper, corrugated paper,plastic sheets,composite materials and leather materials maximum cutting thickness at 15mm
Number of pens8 different strokes: half knife, full knife, pressure roller setting, V-cutting, milling cutting
positioning methodInfrared laser light
Way of fixing paperVacuum adsorption and pneumatic mechanical fixation
Cutting accuracy±0.2mm
repeat accuracy≦0.05mm
Cutting circular diameter≧5mm diameter
Transmission interfaceEthernet port
Compatible software formatAI software, Autocad, Coraldraw and all box design software can be directly output, no conversion, and with automatic optimization
Command systemHP-GL and GP-GL 
numerical control panel LCD display and contact buttons
Transmission materialLinear guide, imported timing belt
Working voltage and powerAC 220V 380V ±10%, 50HZ; machine power 6kw; fuse specification 6A
Vibrating cutter headVibrating cutter head motor 25,000 rpm
cutting area1400mm*1000mm1800mm*1300mm2500mm*1600mm
external dimension2160*1680*1220mm2570*1990*1200mm3300*2250*1200mm

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