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Chair Comprehensive Tester

Chair Comprehensive Tester


Chair Comprehensive Tester

In our daily office, office chairs are indispensable office furniture. Many people think that its importance even exceeds the role of desks. Office employees spend more than 60,000 hours on office chairs throughout their lives, so frequently. How much do you know about the safety risks and solutions of the office chair you contacted? Let the editor take everyone to take a look today!


Data presentation


According to estimates, an office worker has at least 60,000 hours in his office chair during his working life. The State Administration for Market Regulation recently released the latest results of the national supervision and spot check on office chairs. Among 90 batches of products from 90 companies in 11 provinces and cities, 21 batches of products were unqualified, and the batch unqualified discovery rate was 23.3%. Among them, office swivel chair quality problems are relatively more unqualified office chairs, either the base is broken, or the casters fall off, there is also excessive formaldehyde, and there is even a risk of explosion.


How to identify the quality and safety of office chairs?


Testing focus


01. Check the load-bearing capacity of the backrest


The backrest of an office chair is what we need to focus on. We can sit on it and feel its load-bearing capacity and stability. If sitting on it feels very swaying and will fall down at any time, then such a chair must be of poor quality. . In addition, check whether the height of the armrests of the office chair are equal. Unequal armrests can give people an uncomfortable feeling.


02. Check the chassis and casters


Some businesses use bad materials to make chairs, which makes its stability quite unstable. Then adjust the lifting system or tilt adjustment of the office chair to see if it is smooth.


03. Check the small details of hardware accessories


The tightness of the hardware connection is the key to determining the stability of the office chair. If the hardware connection is not tight, loose, or there are few screws, the office chair will shake very much, and may even collapse over time. Circumstances, there are great security risks.


Therefore, before selling office chairs, manufacturers need to do a series of tests to ensure the safety of office chairs. Today, I recommend a one-step comprehensive chair tester for everyone.


HD-F738 Chair Comprehensive Tester


Efficient learning method


HD-F738 chair comprehensive tester is a combination of multiple testing instruments, used to test the strength and durability of office chairs. It has vertical cylinder module, horizontal cylinder module, horizontal armrest module, vertical armrest module, pull back cylinder module, impact drop module, pendulum module. Each module can realize the corresponding test standard.

Instrument characteristics


High efficiency and high energy


Features introduction


The touch screen is equipped with PLC, which has the memory function of power failure;

With breakpoint protection (alarm) function, deceleration motor plus frequency conversion control;

Manual voltage regulation, counter stop/power off memory function;

Enter the sample size and test requirements before testing, and after pressing start, it will automatically reach the test point and start the test;

The tester uses aluminum profiles to make the frame, which is beautiful and generous;

Quick connectors are used to install and test fixtures, which is convenient and quick;

The position stroke uses electric lifting to increase the stability;

With sample damage alarm and shutdown function, during the test, if the sample is damaged and touches the sensor, it will stop immediately;

Precision output pressure regulating valve ensures stable and reliable output power of the cylinder, and digital display of the output force value of the cylinder.




The pace of life of modern people is too fast. If one day is not counted as overtime, you will work for 8 hours and sit in front of the computer. If you add overtime, you will have 12 hours of sitting in a chair. Correct sitting posture is also related to backaches. Its okay to exercise regularly. If you dont exercise often, there may be some minor problems in the lumbar spine, cervical spine, and pelvis. If it is not resolved in time, it may cause more serious problems. The problem, more serious, may lead to infertility. According to medical reports, pelvic displacement can cause more than 180 diseases.

So if we want to protect our lumbar spine, cervical spine, and pelvis, we need to choose a good office chair that has passed the test.

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