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How is the climatic chamber calibration procedure?

How is the climatic chamber calibration procedure?


How is the climatic chamber calibration procedure?


Climatic Chamber Description:

Constant temperature and humidity chamber as a climate test simulation chamber, climatic chamber can accurately simulate the actual environmental climate indicators to the sample temperature and humidity resistance of the environment and climate performance inspection.


Climatic Chamber Function:

climatic chamber used to detect materials in a variety of environmental performance equipment and test a variety of materials heat, cold, dry, moisture resistance.


Universal climatic chamber calibration method

The climatic chamber of test shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant standards, and the climatic chamber of test specimen shall be tested for appearance inspection and electrical mechanical properties. The test specimen shall be tested in other conditions stipulated in the unpackaged, non-energized, ready-to-use state or standard. At the beginning, the temperature of the test sample should be the temperature of the test chamber. The test time at low temperature and high temperature depends on the heat capacity of the test sample. The test time is 3h,2h,1h, 30min, 10min. The relevant standard or When the test time is specified, it is 3h. (Note: 10 min test time for small test samples, and in order to meet the high and low temperature test chamber standard requirements, should consider the test sample thermal time constant and the technical performance of the existing test chamber.

 The temperature test in the cryostat shall be maintained for a specified period of time under the standard setting. The test sample shall be removed from the cryostat and transferred to the incubator, including the time taken from one to remove and into another box, and in the laboratory environment Temperature pause time.

 After the climatic chamber of test has been carried out for a specified period of time, the test sample may be kept in a cryogenic box or in a high temperature box if the next transition from low temperature to high temperature or from high temperature to low temperature (eg overnight or weekend break) can not be started immediately At the end of a cycle, the test sample shall be subjected to a recovery procedure as specified.


 Recovery procedures:

1, after the end of the test, the test sample in the test under the standard atmospheric conditions, the time is sufficient to achieve temperature stability.

2, the known type of test samples, the relevant criteria can specify the specific recovery time.


 How Is The Climatic Chamber Calibration Procedure?

 The calibration of the climatic chamber on the one hand in detail the acceptance of the chamber to meet the customer (or contract) requirements, so that acceptance work in accordance with the rules, the same industry in the acceptance of the standard and third-party authority calibration (measurement) specification.

  1, the user of the constant temperature and humidity chamber acceptance methods and acceptance criteria:

This standard is in accordance with the buyers and sellers signed the equipment contract in the "constant temperature and humidity chamber technical agreement" to carry out acceptance. That is, users and constant temperature and humidity chamber manufacturers agreed by the temperature and humidity range, uniformity, temperature and humidity deviation, the size of the studio and other standards to confirm whether to meet the terms of the contract signed.

 2, invited third-party authority to calibrate the constant temperature and humidity box verification: that is, in the case of customer requirements for third-party calibration test, you can choose to measure in the factory can also be shipped to the customer after the third party to test the measurement , The general measurement by the National Environmental Testing Equipment Quality Inspection Center test and issued a validity of the calibration report (measurement certificate).

Climatic Chamber Calibration Procedure Contents:

1.Climatic Chamber Calibration Conditions And Equipment:

1.1 Calibration conditions: Ambient temperature: 15 ~ 30 range, the temperature fluctuations do not exceed ± 3 / 6h; Humidity: not more than 75% RH

1.2 Calibration standard: Standard mercury thermometer.


2. Calibration process:

2.1 Appearance: visual observation.

2.1.1 appearance of the structure intact, no significant mechanical damage, the surface without scratches and corrosion, no impact on the measurement performance defects.

2.1.2 logo: a manufacturer name, model number, license number and so on.

2.1.3 Reading part



4. Temperature test:

4.1. Temperature stability assessment standard Mercury thermometer in the test is placed in the center of the box, from the glass window to read the location of the measurement every 1h read 1 times, a total of 5 times, each time within 5min Interval time to read six temperature values, and find the average temperature, the average temperature difference can be identified as the maximum temperature stability.

 4.1. Temperature fluctuation assessment In the constant temperature and humidity box working space temperature reaches the set temperature (28 ) steady state, every 2min measured the center of the temperature point, measured a total of 6 temperature values. The center point of the maximum temperature and the minimum temperature difference of half, known as "±", for the temperature fluctuations.


5. Relative humidity indication error (same as humidity hygrometer):

5.1 take 2 models of the same specifications 0 ~ 100 mercury thermometer, one as dry bulb thermometer t, the other in the ball with a clean gauze wrapped around (no wrinkles), and fully moisturized with distilled water, as Wet bulb thermometer tw, vertical hanging in the oven.

5.2 in the constant temperature 28 30min drying oven, open the blower, 3min after the start of reading, first read the wet bulb temperature, read dry bulb temperature, read every 1min times, read 3 times. (More than 6min need to re-wet Gauze). Calculate the dry and wet bulb temperature difference (t-tw) for each measurement.

 5.3 According to the dry and wet bulb temperature difference, check GB6999-1986 "environmental test with the relative humidity calculation table", which related parameters: spherical constant temperature and humidity box, type 0.8, t = 28 , see Table 2 The

5.4 According to the measured dry and wet temperature difference, the corresponding relative humidity is detected and the relative humidity of the calibrated constant temperature and humidity box is recorded, and the average value is compared.

 5.5 Calculation of results:

U measurement average = U measurement 1 + U measurement 2 + U measurement 3/3 U standard mean = U standard 1 + U standard 2 + U standard 3/3 relative humidity indication error U = U measured average - U standard average

Where: U measured average ---- calibration constant temperature and humidity display relative humidity;% RH

            U standard average ---- dry and wet temperature difference table relative humidity% RH

            △ U ---- constant humidity constant humidity indication error;% RH

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