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Comparison Between Xenon Aging Chamber and UV Aging Chamber

Comparison Between Xenon Aging Chamber and UV Aging Chamber


Weather and sunlight exposure are the main causes of damage to coatings, plastics, inks and other polymeric materials. Light, high temperature and humidity, any one of these three factors can cause aging damage to materials, but they often occur at the same time, and the harm caused will be greater than the effect of any one of the factors alone.

The damage caused includes loss of gloss, fading, yellowing, cracking, peeling, embrittlement, loss of strength and delamination. Even indoor light and sunlight transmitted through glass windows can degrade some materials, such as causing pigments, dyes to fade or discolor.

For many manufacturers, the aging and light resistance of the product is extremely important. Accelerated aging and photostability testing equipment is widely used in research and development, quality, control and material characterization, these testing equipment provides fast and repeatable test results.

Xenon weathering test chamber and UV weathering test chamber are the most widely used accelerated aging testing equipment. The testing principles of these two testing equipment are completely different.

Xenon weathering test chamber simulates all the spectrum of sunlight, including ultraviolet (UV), visible light and infrared (IR), and the xenon lamp spectrum basically matches the sunlight in the range of 295 nm to 800 nm. 

UV weathering test chamber cannot simulate full spectrum sunlight. Its principle is that for durable materials exposed to the outdoors, the short wavelength range of 300~400 nm of ultraviolet rays is the most important cause of aging damage. In the short wavelength region of the ultraviolet, from 365 nm to the lowest wavelengths of sunlight, the UV lamp simulates sunlight well, however, not for longer wavelengths.

Haida brand Xenon aging chamber also has the function of adjusting temperature and humidity, which can simulate the actual environment temperature and moisture content of air.

Xenon weathering test chamber can fully simulate the real use environment, and UV weathering test chamber can more specifically test the tolerance of the sample to ultraviolet light.

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