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Demystify ----- How to Get to Know the Bursting Strength for the Paper Material


Demystify----- How to Get to Know the Bursting Strength Tester for the Paper Material


Paper and paperboard is one of the important package material in the package industry. In the quality of paper, there is a trend towards low basis weight and high strength. The reduction in the unit weight of paper can save the consumption of pulp, and achieve the energy saving, as well as lower the transportation cost. Throughout, it will create a grater profit space for the paper enterprise and user. However in fact, there are many problems with the strength of the paper exposed in usage process, the most important of which is the problem of the bursting resistance of the paper and paperboard.

Our Automatic Bursting Strength Tester is an equipment for testing the strength performance of paper and cardboard. It is mainly suitable for testing all kinds of cardboard and single-layer and multi-layer corrugated cardboard. It can also be used for the bursting resistance of non-paper materials such as silk and cotton.

Bursting Strength refers to the uniformly increased maximum pressure perpendicular to the surface of the sample that paper and paperboard can withstand per unit area. It reflects the comprehensive anti-destructive ability of paper and paper. It belongs to static strength and reflects the circulation of cartons. The ability to withstand the forces of handling, loading and unloading, impact and tearing during the transportation process.

Bursting strength is one of the most important physical performance indicators of paper and paperboard during usage, which has a great influence on the puncture strength and edge pressure strength of paper and cardboard to some extent. Therefore, the bursting strength plays a decisive role on the evaluation of the varieties and grades of paper and paperboard.

In today's "quality is the life of an enterprise, the soul and core competitiveness of enterprise development", all paper companies need a testing instrument for burst strength, and carry out product testing in accordance with standard burst strength testing methods to control the level of good quality. This is beneficial to paper enterprises and users, achieving a "win-win" effect, and jointly promoting the development of the paper industry.

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