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Do You Know the Temperature and Humidity Chamber?

Do You Know the Temperature and Humidity Chamber?


Do You Know the Temperature and Humidity Chamber?


The constant temperature and humidity chamber is a high-precision laboratory equipment with constant temperature and humidity functions. It is an ideal choice for scientific research departments, colleges and universities such as bioengineering, sanitation and epidemic prevention, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, beverages, agriculture, animal husbandry, and aquatic products. . It is widely used in the effectiveness and aging test of various medicines, chemical raw materials, wood and building materials, as well as the constant temperature and humidity test of molds, tissue cells, microorganisms, antibiotics and other purposes.

Of course, in addition to a wide range of applications, the product itself has other shining points

NO.1 The structure is reliable and practical


Outer box:

Use high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet and anti-static paint

Inner box:

The use of arc-shaped mirror stainless steel design avoids the dead angle and poor uniformity caused by the right-angle air volume and facilitates daily cleaning in the box

Door body:

The door shell is stamped and made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the middle part is inlaid with insulating glass for easy observation


NO.2 Energy saving and environmental protection


The whole box body is designed with cold insulation and low energy consumption

R134A environmentally friendly refrigerant fluorine-free environmentally friendly cyclopentane rigid polyurethane foam

Use silent components, low noise and less vibration


Do you think this is over? No, no, we have more advantages!


NO.3 Outstanding advantages


In terms of medical and health care, a long-term stable temperature and humidity environment is required to evaluate the failure time of a drug. Our constant temperature and humidity incubator can provide pharmaceutical companies with accelerated testing, long-term testing, high and low humidity for drugs, mainly new drugs. Test and other influencing factors test, provide the best solution.


After understanding its appearance characteristics and technology,

It is not difficult to find that the constant temperature and humidity incubator and the constant temperature and humidity test box are also far different in price.

Really high quality and low price in terms of cost performance,


Therefore, in the face of fierce market competition, this product can be unique,

I believe that constant temperature and humidity incubators in the future market

Will occupy a strong position in the environmental testing equipment series.

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