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Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing System

Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing System

15 days after order.
Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.
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Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing System

Vibration Tester Video

Product Description:

Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing System is widely used in defense, aviation, aerospace, communications, electronics, automobiles, home appliances, and other industries. This type of equipment is used for discovering the early faults, simulating the actual working condition and the structure strength test, the product application is wide, the application width is obvious, the test effect is remarkable and reliable. Sine wave, FM, sweep, programmable, frequency multiplier, logarithm, maximum acceleration, amplitude modulation, time control, full function computer control, simple fixed acceleration/fixed amplitude. Equipment through continuous failure to run 3 months of testing, stable performance, reliable quality.

Performance Data Sheet

Shaker (Model# EDM-2000)

Sine force (peak)


Shock force (peak)

60 kN

Frequency range

52,600 Hz

Displacement (continuous)

100 mm

Max. Velocity

1.8 m/s

Max. Acceleration

75 G

Armature Diameter

445 mm

1st order   resonant frequency

2,400 Hz

Allowable eccentric moment

500 Nxm

Armature weight

40 kg

HE/ST screw dimension

M10 (metric)

Axial vibration isolation   frequency

3 Hz

Max. Payload

500 kg

Magnetic flux   leakage

1 mT

Dimensions (L×W×H,   unpacked)

1,330x860x1,250 mm

Weight (unpacked)

2,500 kg


Rubber mat (anchor bolts required)

Power Amplifier (Model# VSA-H323A)

Amplifier output

30 kVA


65 dB

Rated output voltage

120 Vrms

Amplifier efficiency


Dimensions (L×W×H,   unpacked)

800x900x2,100 mm

Weight (unpacked)

500 kg

Blower (Model# PBL-W30)

Air volume

0.46 m3/s


7.5 kW

Air duct diameter

200 mm

Air pressure



Able to connect to ceiling (up to two 90 degree   bends), max 20’ run

Horizontal Slip Table (Model# 30ST-600M)


600x600 mm


45 mm

Frequency limit

2,000 Hz

Effective mass

54 kg


1. High pressure oil-film bearing is used for   better uniformity.

Vibration Controller and Accelerometer

Vibration Controller VT-9008-4

4 Channel Vibration Controller with Sine and   Self Calibration.

Accelerometer     EA-YD-181

100mV/g, Range: 50g, Working Freq.: 1-10kHz, Weight:   11gram, with 10ft low noise cable

Other supported functions/accessories

Environmental chambers


Mobile devices


Insulation boards




Working environment of the system

Temperature range


Humidity range

090% , no   condensation

Power requirements

380V/3ph/50Hz, 40kVA

Compressed air pressure

0.6 Mpa


Ultra mute work; The machine base uses the high quality material, installs conveniently, the operation is smooth, does not need to install,the control circuit digitization control and the display frequency, the PID adjusts the function, causes the equipment work to be more stable, reliable, sweeps the frequency and the fixed frequency operation way, adapts to the different profession test request To solve the interference of the strong electromagnetic field to the control circuit, and to increase the working time set, so that the test product reaches the accurate test time.

How to use

1, the control manual to complete the procedure

2, such as Operation error so that can not work, you can use the recovery method of the steps of the input, and then set a single group or other running steps.

3, before use to press the external start switch, appears COO namely lets go, opens the key.

4, Taiwan Body:

1 The table body foot sleeve as far as possible fixed

2 power supply on/work in the output line can not be unplugged

3 Place the level as far as possible

4 components can be changed, the line should not be changed or from the connection.

5 The Taiwan body must not be all or part of the reorganization, only according to specifications for a single component and with the original confirmation password.

5, the amplitude inside the code

1. Do not adjust too large before or after the boot

2) low-key amplitude of high amplitude modulation

3 Control Panel Amplitude Knob placed in the middle position test items: placed to focus on the main point, reduce the left flat right.

4 control Box: Can not be placed on the top or underground operation

6, Inside Code:

1) reset when running or operating incorrectly

2) Control The Reset method step, each inside code only set one time to save can

3 usually must use the internal code can not be set randomly

7, Control Box:

1) The connecting line of the body must be locked tightly after hanging

2 the vibration direction switch and the output connection line are correspondence, can not connect the wrong

8, testing: Non-special test should use full wave test

9, the Taiwan body: can not produce the collision sound, the upper and lower center axis mutual touch will cause the spring steel piece rupture to be immediately shut down, amplitude modulation is adjusted small then turns on.

10, other unknown:

Do not arbitrarily change internal components and lines

11, the reason is bad:

1 The use of computer models can not be used for shaking table control

2 can not reload the driver

2, for the Ista-ia test, the operator to protect the sample, to prevent the test pieces slide out of the table;

3, gear gearbox replacement regularly;

4. Cut off all power when not working, keep clean; 5, non-staff can not operate at will;

Dimensions for reference only

Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing System

Electro-dynamic Vibration Testing System

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