Environmental Test Chambers

Environmental Test Chambers

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Environmental Test Chambers

Environmental test chambers are the test chambers that can simulate the natural climate by means of science and technology. Environmental test chambers are destructive to modern industrial products. The representatives of the environmental test chambers are: constant temperature and humidity test chamber, thermal shock test chamber, anti-yellow aging test chamber, ozone aging test chamber, dust test chamber, xenon aging test chamber, rain test chamber, salt spray test chamber, etc.

Environmental test chambers can do the following tests

High temperature test, low temperature test, thermal shock test, solar radiation (sunshine) test, rain test, moisture proof test, mildew proof test, salt spray test, corrosion test, dust test, etc.

Environmental test chamber application industry

Environmental test chamber can simulate a variety of temperature and humidity environment, suitable for testing electronics, electrical appliances, food, automotive, rubber, plastic, metal, packaging, aerospace, military, hardware, lighting, communications, medicine, batteries and other products.


Haida provides calibration services for customers who operate Haida equipment and inspection systems. We serve all our cooperating customers and we provide the following calibrations.:

Temperature calibration

Humidity calibration

Parameter calibration

Accuracy calibration

Controller calibration