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Environmentally friendly furniture


Environmentally friendly furniture has become mainstream,What are the advantages of environmentally friendly furniture over traditional furniture?


Good or bad design

Can directly affect the value of a product

This is especially true for furniture design.

Multi-dimensional considerations for a piece of furniture

And yearning for quality life

Also make people pay more attention

Is it environmentally friendly?

More and more furniture manufacturers are now the theme of nature.

Let some busy urbanites

Drawn from a complicated life

Give a longing for life ideals

In terms of materials used in furniture

Many famous furniture manufacturers have developed new materials.

For example, Morikawa furniture - straw

Straw as part of the crop

The furniture made is not only environmentally friendly

And there are many contributions to the protection of the ecology.

Green, ecological, low carbon, recycling

These four concepts may succeed in the direction of furniture development.

More and more new materials are born

Can the use of new materials be a perfect replacement or better than old materials?

This requires inspection of new material furniture

Haida furniture comprehensive tester

Ability to check the durability of multiple furniture

In the current era of global concern for the environment

Environmental protection is undoubtedly a hot spot in the new era

As a furniture industry directly related to the environment

The future will also be based on the theme of environmental protection

New reforms

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