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Fabric Flame Retardant Box

Fabric Flame Retardant Box


The flame retardancy means that the material has the property of significantly delaying the spread of flame after treatment, which plays a guiding role in the selection of the range of materials used, especially materials used in building materials, ships, vehicles, and home appliances have high requirements for flame retardancy.


In our daily life, all kinds of fire hazards are ubiquitous. In order to reduce the fire accidents caused by the flammable textiles, and reduce the hazards to human life and property safety caused by this, the testing of the burning performance of textiles has attracted great attention from countries all over the world.


Textile burning test methods are diverse due to different principles, equipment and purposes. The test results of various test methods are difficult to compare with each other, and the experimental results can only explain the pros and cons of the sample's combustion performance to a certain extent.


The burning test method is mainly used to test the burning area (carbonized area and damage length), continuous burning time and smoldering time of the sample. According to the relative position of the sample and the flame, it can be divided into vertical method, inclined method and horizontal method.


At present, the test of flame retardant performance of clothing mainly adopts GB/T5455-1997 "Vertical Method of Textile Burning Performance Test". The principle is to place a sample of a certain size in a specified combustion test box vertically, ignite it with a specified fire source for 12 seconds, and measure the continued burning time and smoldering time of the sample after the fire source is removed. After the smoldering stops, press The length of the damage is measured by the prescribed method.


This method can be used to determine the flame retardant properties of clothing fabrics, decorative fabrics, and tent fabrics. China's textile flame-retardant performance evaluation method is mainly based on the burning rate of the fabric, and only textile products that meet the requirements of the standard can be regarded as flame-retardant products.


For manufacturers, there is another method, which is to use special equipment to test the flame retardancy of textiles. Next, I will introduce this equipment to everyone.


HD-W808-1 fabric flame retardant box


The fabric flame-retardant box is suitable for the determination of the flame-retardant properties of clothing fabrics, decorative fabrics, and tent fabrics with flame-retardant requirements. It can be used by printing and dyeing industry, rubber industry, textile inspection department and scientific research unit.


The fabric flame-retardant box meets the standards of GB/T 5455-1997 "Textile Burning Performance Test Vertical Method", GB23864-2009 fire-proof sealing materials, etc. The fabric flame-retardant box uses electric heating wire ignition, continuous burning time, flame retardant time All are automatically recorded; the timing of the igniter is arbitrarily set from 0 to 99.99 seconds (standard is 12 seconds), the flame height can be adjusted, and the flame temperature measurement device can be configured.


Fire hazards are omnipresent. To prevent it, we need to pay attention to the flame retardancy of home appliances and textiles. We must also pay attention to the flammable items in our daily lives to prevent fires and protect lives.

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