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Foam Test Standard

Foam Test Standard


Sponge/foam is widely used in various industries, and the detection of sponges involves some international standards.

1.Hardness/indentation ratio standard

Hardness: ISO 2439 Method B (40% IFD), ISO 3386-1

(ASTM D3574-B, DIN 53576, JIS K6400-6).

Indentation ratio: The indentation ratio is the ratio of the two hardnesses (ISO 2439 or ISO 3386-1): 65% IFD to 25% IFD.

Testing purposes:

The hardness of the sponge is determined by a hardness test, and the value of the indentation ratio determines the cushioning quality of the sponge. A higher indentation ratio indicates a higher buffer quality.


foam compression test machine

2. Rebound rate standard

ISO 8307 (ASTM D3574-D, DIN 4651, JIS K6400-9B)

Test Purpose: This test result is a factor reflecting the comfort of the sponge.

Test method: a steel ball is dropped onto a sponge sample, and then the rebound height is visually observed.


foam rebound tester

3. Fatigue testing standard

ISO3385:1995 (ASTM D3574-I1, DIN 53574, JIS K64-8B)

Test Purpose: This test result is a factor reflecting the durability of the sponge.

Test method: After the sponge sample was subjected to 80 000 mechanical indentation tests, the hardness and thickness were measured.


foam fatigue tester

4. Permanent deformation standard

ISO 1856 Method A (ASTM D3574-D, JIS K6400-7)

Testing purposes: The purpose of the test is to test the compression resilience of the sponge.

Test method: refers to the thickness change of the static pressure sponge sample after storage at 70 ° C for 22 hours.


foam Permanent deformation

5. Tensile strength / elongation standard

ISO 1798 (ASTM D3574-E, DIN 53571, JIS K6400-10)

Test Purpose: Used to test the tensile elasticity of the sponge to prevent the filling of the performance of the sponge.


tensile tester

6. Ash content standard

EN ISO 1171

Test Purpose: This requirement prevents the use of fillers that detract from the performance of the sponge at the same density.

muffle furnace

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