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Furniture Test Equipment Series


Furniture Test Equipment Series

Foam Test Equipment

Computer Control Foams Hardness Test Machine
Computer Control Foams Hardness Test Machine is used to test material compressed indentation hardness, such as sponge, foam and other porous elastic. Put specimen under pressure plate, the plate compress the specimen with a specify speed until the national standard require concavity, the load cell feedback the pressure to computer, it processing and display, then measure the indentation hardness of sponge, foam and other materials.

Sofa Test Equipment

Programmable Sofa Durability Testing Machines

Programmable Sofa Durability Testing Machines simulates the normal conditions of usage to determine the sofa’s endurance under a long-term repeatability loading .  The principle is to simulate normal functional use to determine the strength of the three-sofa structure by applying to seating and backrest with loads .  Using a certain shape and load modules ,  with specific form ,  frequency ,  respectively ,  repeating load seating ,  backrest and armrest .  Three tests can work together or independently ,  also the test position is adjustable .

Chair Test Equipment

Chair Seat Rotating Testing Machine

Chair Seat Rotating Testing Machine is used to test the durability of the seat swivel of the chair. According to test Standard: BIFMA X5.1-2002, Test No. 8,11 

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