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Haida 15th anniversary celebration


Haida 15th anniversary celebration

Less than half a month

2019 has passed

Near Chinese New Year

Major companies will hold company annual meetings

Haida International is no exception

Haida will host the 15th anniversary party this time

Currently Haida is still working on preparations

In order to show the vitality of Haida at the anniversary

Everyone is rehearsing their work

After more than a month of hard rehearsal

On December 14

Haida Holds 15th Anniversary Program

First up is our little partner from the Ministry of Foreign Trade

The Ministry of Foreign Trade has prepared a total of 5 programs

1. Chorus English song (lemon tree)

2. Poetry recitation

3. 咚 para dance

4. Chorus English Song (Tomorrow will be better)

5. Song of Haida (Chorus)

Marketing department and domestic business have 4 programs


Poem recitation (if I love you)

Dance skewer

3. Wild Wolf Disco

4. Haida 101

Colleagues in factories and branches outside the province

Also through video

One minute on stage

Ten years of work

Everyone worked hard to show the best to the judges

This is just the primary election

Major judges make objective evaluations of each program

There are also areas for improvement

The primaries went very smoothly

There will be a second selection

Let us look forward together

How often will Haida people perform next time?

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