Haida R&D

Haida R&D

Haida has 6 production base, more than 10 research and development engineers, more than 10 High-tech products, more than 50 product patents. Establish a standard product design and development process, design and development of products in line with industry standards, must be determined by all departments within the company, to Third-party testing agencies certification, and then to customer confirmation...

Research and development software used by researchers in the research and development process,like CAD, Protel, UG 4.0, SolidWorks, CorelDraw, etc.


Development and Design Capabilities

The company had obtained many product certificates, some details of them as below:
CE Certificate issued by BST,No: BSTDG11060120EC-1,Product: compression tester.Standard: EMC Directive 2004/108/EC

CE Certificate issued by BST,No: BSTDG11060121SC-2 Product: tensile strength tester
Model: HD-604 series,HD-617,HD-617S,HD-609,HD-609A-S
Standard: LVD Directive 2006/95/EC

Unilateral Drop Testing Machine: ZL 2011 2 0231284.7,Carton Sliding Angle Tester: ZL 2011 3 0222735.6,Vertical Refrigerator Door Machine Service Life: ZL 20112 0231484.2, Cargo Car Rebound Device: ZL 2011 20231266.9, Horizontal Freezer Door Machine ServiceLife: ZL 2011 2 0231281.3, Etc...

Haida obtained certificate of new high-tech enterprise 

In 2007,Haida merged with Mechanical Electric HK Ltd. and set up our own R&D Center. After several years endeavor, Haida obtained certificate of new high-tech enterprise in 2016 and began to lead our industry in new direction...

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