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Haida’s First Staff Sports Meeting

Haida’s First Staff Sports Meeting


       On May 18th, our company held the 1st staff sports meeting in the factory. The campaign mainly includes competition, entertainment and fitness, which prompt the employees to collaborate, fight and work hard. In the meanwhile, everyone could get fun, as well as harvest.
       The sports meeting mainly contain five events: Tug of war, Badminton, the Three-legged race, Shuttlecock game and Basketball game. When the game is announced to start, the field suddenly boiling up and everywhere is full of cheers. All contestants dedicated themselves to various competitions. In the game, the athletes contest speed, endurance and skill. Their morale, courage and perseverance attract the bursts of cheers and shouts from the audience.
       May 18th, the factory full of cheers, cries and shouting, which shows all the generous and proud of Haida staffs. Despite the heat of summer, we believe that people will relieve the pressures of life and work in the movement, and exudes youth and vitality. In the relaxed and intense atmosphere and, everyone get exercise and relaxed.