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HD-A508 Ink Rub Resistance Tester ----- Maintenance

HD-A508 Ink Rub Resistance Tester ----- Maintenance


HD-A508 Ink Rub Resistance Tester

----- Maintenance



1. Regularly check the operating circuit of the machine. Check whether the line is loose or damaged, and find an electrician to deal with it in time to prevent the risk of electric shock when using the machine. 

2. When the motor has been tested for too long, the bearing part can be sprayed with anti-rust oil to lubricate and cool at the key movement position.

3. Keep the friction block, friction table and weights clean to prevent errors during testing.

4. When the speed is inaccurate, you can open the box cover. The four potentiometer knobs inside correspond to the speed respectively, and the calibration speed can be adjusted by manually rotating the knob.

Note: if you do below steps, please contact our lab consultant first, then we will arrange our after-sales technician to follow-up the help together. In order avoid any mistake.

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