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High Altitude And Low Pressure Environment Simulation

High Altitude And Low Pressure Environment Simulation


Nowadays, the means of transportation are very developed. There are vehicles, trains, airplanes and other means of transportation, which not only facilitate our travel, but also allow the logistics industry to develop rapidly.

Now online shopping is basically everyone's preferred shopping method. You can buy things thousands of kilometers away through the Internet, and you only need to click with your finger. Even abroad, you can easily buy them.

If you  buy something in the United States, you need to fly it from the United States at this time. As we all know, the environment at high altitude is completely different from the ground, and the temperature and air pressure are very different, so logistics companies will choose to be different from the ground. The way of packaging.

In order to ensure the safety of items, logistics companies will carry out detailed inspections of packages. For air transportation, high-altitude and low-pressure tests will be carried out. Haida's high-altitude and low-pressure test chambers can simulate high-altitude and low-pressure environments.

The machine is suitable for goods transported by air in the cargo hold of an aircraft. The purpose of the test is to detect the performance of the goods in a low-pressure environment and the effect of rapid pressure drop on the performance of the goods. The maximum height of the simulation can reach 30,000 meters. This is only one type of air transport inspection. If you want to know more, please browse the previous articles or consult us.

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