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How to choose the irradiance of xenon lamp?

How to choose the irradiance of xenon lamp?


How to choose the irradiance of xenon lamp?


Light irradiance of xenon lamp refers to the ratio of light energy irradiated on a plane. The equipment must be able to control the intensity of light irradiation in order to achieve the purpose of accelerating the test and reproducing the test results.

The change of light irradiance will affect the rate of material deterioration, while the change of light wave wavelength (such as the energy distribution of the spectrum) will also affect the rate and type of material degradation. The radiation of the equipment is equipped with a light sensor probe, also known as the sun eye, a high-precision light control system, which can compensate in time for the drop in light energy caused by the aging of the lamp tube or any other changes.


Xenon lamps have the following options for irradiance:

1. Full spectrum 290-2450nm band, 4001120 W/m2;

2. Ultraviolet 340NM band, 0.350.9W/m2;

3. Ultraviolet 300400NM wave band, 40W60W;

4. 420NM band, 0.551.2W/m2;


When we choose the xenon lamp, we must also choose the appropriate irradiance of the test product, so that we can get objective test results!

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