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How to ensure the durability of Tyre?


The tread pattern will also affect tyre performance. As the future of the country's consumption power is getting bigger and bigger, the awareness of efficiency and safety is getting stronger and stronger, those low-end tyres that bring hidden danger to efficiency and safety will be less and less marketable, this is the trend. If they are good tyres why should they linger at the low end? It's different customers that make different profits. For high-end customers, the price can be premium with just a little boost.

So how can we maintain the durability of tyres? QTS Group(Haida Test Equipment Co., Ltd) supplies market demand and to ensure that product inspection is carried out in an orderly manner, has invented a xenon lamp weathering chamber that simulates the hazards caused by sunlight, rain and dew, using xenon lamps to simulate the effects of sunlight exposure and condensing moisture to simulate dew and rain. It gives samples the ageing effects of months or even years outdoors in a matter of days or weeks. The effects observed include fading, whitening, cracking, breaking, fogging, blistering, reduced gloss, reduced strength and brittleness, to name but a few.

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