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How to Install Water Heating Tank of Temperature Test Chamber



1. Take out water heating tank

2. Find this position(refer image); and replace new water heating tank as per video(named: how to install water heating tank)


If new water heating tank cant be fit completely, please cut some this part off. 

3. When put water heating tank into hole, add some red glass glue in ring, and then screw tightly.

   Refer video(named: coating red glass glue in ring)

Position A

Position B




4. Follow up current line position, connect new water heating tank with original electricity line.

  You can choose any set of position to connect it. AA OR BB OR CC

  Review video(named: electricity connection)


5. Replace new temperature protector in water heating water as video(Named: how to replace temperature protector; we already helped to match one new temperature protector)

Step 1: find temperature protector position
















Step 2: pull the line out as per video(named: pull the line out)


Step 3: remove the cover of temperature protector and replace new

Step 4: rotate 200 to this arrow signal and insert back blue connection as original position


6. Find water inlet pine, and connect it back to new water heating tank.

Step 1

Step 2



7. Please take pictures to Haida team for confirmation firstly.

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