Lab Universal Testing Machine

Lab Universal Testing Machine

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Universal Testing Machine -- Haida Equipment

The tensile testing machine is also known as universal material testing machine. Universal testing machine is used for a wide variety of materials for tensile, compression, bending, shear, tear, peel, such as mechanical property test of mechanical strength testing machine, universal material testing machine is suitable for the plastic sheet, pipe, profiles, plastic and rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber and other materials of various physical and mechanical properties testing for material development, for physical experiment, teaching research, quality control, indispensable testing equipment, such as tensile machine fixture as an important part of the instrument, different material need different jig.


Universal testing machine is suitable for tensile test of rubber, plastics, textile, waterproof material, wire and cable, net rope, wire, metal rod, metal plate and other materials, which can be used to compress, bend and ring stiffness test...


Load frame,Load cell,Cross head,Means of measuring extension or deformation,Output device,Conditioning,Test fixtures, specimen holding jaws, and related sample making equipment are called for in many test methods.

Test Standard

ASTM D3654,ASTM D3759,FTM,EN 1939, ASTM D3330,ASTM D882,ASTM D1938,ASTM D3163,ASTM D882, ASTM D 638, ISO 527, ASTM D1708,ASTM D412, ISO 37-2005, JIS K6251, DIN 53504-2009,ASTM D624-00, ISO 34-1,ASTM D3574 Test E, ASTM D1623, ISO 1798,ASTM D3574 Test F, ISO 8067,ASTM E8, EN 10002-1,ASTM A370,ASTM A370: Bend Test...

Universal Testing Machine Procedures

1. Connect the power supply and wait for the system to enter the standby interface.
2. Press "Detection key", according to the system display, select the corresponding test type.

3. Press the corresponding number key, then press the confirmation key,
4. Turn on the motor switch, add load start, at the same time observation value (or displacement, peak) and rate, according to the amount of Cheng switching force value range. 5. When the specimen is broken, the test is completed and the test data is printed automatically.

Universal Testing Machine Test Software

The TM2101 software is designed purposely for computer controlled electronic universal testing machine,  used for tension, compress, bend, shear, tearing andpeel test. With the personal computer and interface plate, it could collect, save, process and print test result. Further it can calculate multiple parameters, i.e. maximum force, yield strength, average peel force maximum deformation, yielding point and elastic modulus; this system is featured in curve process, multi-sensor support, image interface, flexible data process and powerful system function.

Universal Testing Machine Fixture Selection

Haida offers a full range of fixtures for materials and product testing. The fixtures we sell support our full range of universal testing machines. The fixtures can be used to do tensile testing,compression testing,peel testing,share testing,etc.There are hundreds of available grips, we can also customize fixtures. If you do not see the fixtures you need, please contact us.

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