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How to learn to use salt spray corrosion testing machine quickly?

How to learn to use salt spray corrosion testing machine quickly?
    How to learn to use salt spray corrosion testing machine quickly? The method is very simple, you have the following three basic steps you can, follow the following Haida technicians work together to understand it:
First, boot :
1 , connected to external power supply and air supply
2, check the automatic water valve is opened, pressure drums and experimental tank drain valve is closed , the inlet pressure gauge to check whether the 2Kg
3, open the control panel power switch operation
4 , observed indicating whether the control layout has low water and low salt and red alarm sound - you want to add the event to eliminate the water and brine lights and alarm failure
5 , will be required to test items placed into the experimental chamber , while adjusting the test product to be tested time - adjustment in mind when
6, if the B -type spray salt fog machine at the same time giving written procedures based on product testing requirements : open mind when switch control layout . Dongguan Haida instrument provides B -type salt spray test machine setup steps :
First step: press MODE until the uppercase A in the table .
Second step: Press the number 1 key until A-3
Third step : Press DISPLAY once followed by a press MODE 1 table shows ---- H then press DISPLAY once to set the time required for each test .
Finally press RESET, setup is complete.
Remarks: Programmable Table 1234 is a bit on behalf of 10 100 thousand ) , open the spray switch control layout gauge → rapid action ( spray pressure must be set to 1 Kg) - Salt spray dryer spray work began ;
Second, the equipment is running :
1 , to protect the power supply , water supply , gas supply to normal ;
2, the temperature of the pressure tank should be kept at 47 ± 1 ℃, the temperature of the salt bucket in 35 ± 1 ℃;
3, relative humidity test chamber shall be maintained at 85% ;
4 , the amount of fluid to spray the entire time calculations on taking the container should average hourly
5 , can be collected from 1.0 to 2.0ml of saline solution , collecting the spray liquid should be at least 16 hours , the average value tables for computing the amount of spray .
Third, other :
1 , Haida Equipment Co., Ltd. downtime tips : Turn off control switch → Open Forums defogging spray switch until the fog test box to open and clean out the experiment except the cover ;
2 Maintenance : Cleaning a pressure tank , experimental box , salt buckets and nozzles per month ; over one week time to disable the machine need to be fully cleaned ;
The above method is the use of salt spray test machine , I hope to help readers , For more information, please contact us . ( http://www.qc-test.com/  or  http://www.haidatestequipment.com/ )
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