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Haida new product -- Bicycle testing equipment

Haida new product -- Bicycle testing equipment


As China test instrumentation industry leader, Haida Equipment Co., Ltd.constantly developing new products and technologies to meet the needs of testing industry, and achieve better quality, more advanced technology.

Bicycle testing equipment which is our latest self-developed products, bicycles dynamic road detection machines are very popular, once the market has been welcomed by the major manufacturers, sales are very popular.

This bicycle testing equipment is suitable to test bike’s run test& brakes performance test. The tester is formed by two rollers with varied diameter and follows specification to install jump plates at bike’s seat post. pedals, bars, luggage carries, with load set to this tester. Adjust the distance between front and rear wheel base on the standard for complete cycles, constantly rotate the wheel is by 7-27km/hr and the bike is supposed to maintain its normal function, no part damage or crack is found. For brake test, follow the specification specified roller’s friction coefficient, wind speed and water-spray amount of loaded brake & handlebars to test the performance


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